Melania Trump Is ‘Shrobing’: This May Just Put Flippant Observations To Bed [Opinion]

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While Melania Trump is certainly not the first woman or man to do this, she is without a doubt the first person to have so many headlines and online comments chastising her for doing so. The latest round of comments regarding Melania “shrobing” came after her photos at the Opioid Memorial were posted online this week. Although the word “shrobing” was never mentioned, the way she wore her coat was. So what exactly is the act of shrobing?

It is not a household word, but it was recently brought to light in an article from the Times, which is about Meghan Markle. The bride-to-be is also someone recently seen shrobing in a picture online. Meghan Markle was photographed stepping out of a vehicle with her jacket draped over her shoulders, which is the same look Melania Trump sports quite frequently with her outerwear.

Unlike Meghan Markle, Melania has been chastised for this look from the first few times she’s stepped out in public with her coat worn more like a cape. Last November Newsweek wrote an article about Melania being “trolled” for what has now become the “signature draping” of her coats.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette referred to Melania’s shrobing as possibly being her signature look, much like Michelle Obama had her cardigans. This media site also reported, “Her habitual coat slinging has stirred lots of comments, critiques, and curiosity on the internet: Where did this look come from? Why doesn’t it fall off her shoulders? Does she think she’s Batman?”

The title of that Newsweek article asks, “Why Can’t Melania Trump Wear A Coat Properly? First Lady Trolled For Signature ‘Draping’ Look.” They go on to cite all the different remarks online about her tendency to drape her coat rather than commit to fully wearing the outerwear. Melania has not had an easy time with this look when it comes to the critics.

The Daily Mail suggests that Meghan Markle has perfected the art of shrobing when she was seen stepping out with her blazer draped over her shoulder. This fashion technique is called “shoulder-robing” which is now dubbed “shrobing.”

A recent article from the Express took Melania’s outfit apart piece by piece with verbal scissors. They couldn’t find anything redeeming about the way she looked when recently visiting the Opioid Memorial, as reported in a previous Inqusitr article.

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One of the many things that the Express article pointed out was the way Melania draped her coat over her shoulders. They didn’t describe this as a good look for Melania, they even called attention to an unsightly crease down the back of her coat. They suggested the coat looked as if it had not been hung on a hanger correctly the night before.

Comments online have referred to her as “Batman” and “Wonderwoman,” as the flippant critiques of Melania’s shrobing fashion are seemingly non-stop. Some of those comments are seen at the end of this article. Just a quick Google search of “Melania Trump drapes coat over her shoulders” brings up titles like, “What’s the deal with Melania Trump slinging her coat over her shoulders?” Another headline title suggests, “Melania Trump is jacket draping again,” but when Meghan Markle sports the same look, she is praised.

The headline describing Meghan Markle’s look reports, “Meghan perfects the art of ‘shrobing’: Royal bride-to-be adopts the jacket-draping style loved by fashionistas.” There is quite a difference in the separate descriptions of the two women embarking on the same style.

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According to Vogue, the off-shoulder styling referred to as “shrobing” got it roots in the fashion world from the 2016 show of Demna Gvasalia. He offered up “an upscale anorak (look 8 to be precise), which was cut and styled to be worn peeled-down off the shoulders.”

Vogue continues describing this look.

“The contrast of wearing ordinary outerwear as though it was an exotic opera coat was startlingly modern, and the trend for ‘shrobing’ (i.e. shoulder-robing) was born.”

According to Vogue, it is a lot easier just to slip a coat on the way it was designed to be worn, with your arm in the sleeves. Shrobing your coat takes “a lot more preparation,” claims Sarah Harris, who is Vogues’ fashion features director.

If anyone has perfected the art of shrobing, that would be Melania Trump. She holds herself with such class and elegance as she drapes her coats over her shoulders to ward off the chill of the outside world. With as much coldness that’s settled in around her via the critics since she’s stepped into the title of the first lady, you might expect her to bundle up in a winter parka.

Below are just a few of the past comments posted to Twitter that appear to convey that they don’t like the way Melania Trump wears her coats.