Dallas Cowboys: Why Trading Down Might Make Perfect Sense [Opinion]

Scott CunninghamGetty Images

Jason Garrett and the Dallas Cowboys were expected to be Super Bowl contenders last season, but as we all know, that did not end up happening. Dallas missed the playoffs, and the team quite a few questions surrounding the roster looking ahead to the 2018 NFL season.

Dallas is going to look a bit different next season. Dez Bryant has been one of the faces of the Cowboys’ franchise, but Jerry Jones and company made the decision to release him this offseason, as ESPN reported. It was a move that shocked the league and will certainly mean that the Cowboys need to find some help at the wide receiver position in the 2018 NFL Draft.

That being said, the Cowboys hold the No. 19 overall pick in the draft. There are a few different wide receivers that would make perfect sense for the Cowboys in the first round, but there are also other holes for them to fill.

Dallas may be able to get one of their top targets at No. 19, but with the other issues on their roster, it may make perfect sense to trade down to add another pick or two.

Calvin Ridley is widely viewed as the top wide receiver in the 2018 draft class. If the Cowboys want to select him, it is likely that they will have to trade up. Many see Ridley being drafted by the Baltimore Ravens at No. 16.

Courtland Sutton could be another target for the Cowboys. He is extremely talented, and it looks likely that he will be available later in the first round. D.J. Moore could also be a target for the Cowboys and he is projected to go late in the first round or early in the second round.

Looking at potential trade suitors, the Cowboys could try to trade back with the New England Patriots. New England has two first round picks late in the first round, No. 23 and No. 31. Whether the Patriots would be willing to trade both or would trade No. 23 and second or third round pick is another question.

Bill Belichick could be looking to trade up higher in the draft than No. 19, which could close off that option.

Another potential trade partner would be the Tennessee Titans, who could offer the No. 25 pick and No. 89 picks in a deal to move up six spots. If that kind of offer was presented, the Cowboys should jump at it.

Finally, the Cowboys could move back to No. 30 with the Minnesota Vikings. In that scenario, the Vikings would likely have to give up either No. 63 or No. 94 to the Cowboys. Dallas could still target a receiver like Moore at No. 30 and would have another pick to bring in more young talent.

Some believe that the Cowboys should try to trade up ahead of the Ravens. That could be an option as well, with Ridley being the prospect that the Cowboys pursue with that trade.

Jones has quite a few decisions to make ahead of the draft next week. Dallas will need to bring in another receiver capable of making plays for Dak Prescott and the Cowboys also need to beef up their defense. Trading down may not net the Cowboys the top receiver in the draft, but it would give them the ability to bring an impact receiver and another player in the second or third round.

Expect to see the Cowboys mentioned in rumors leading up to the draft. Dallas might just stand pat and take a wide receiver at No. 19, but it wouldn’t be shocking to see them trade down and add another pick or two.