Green Bay Packers: Why Trading Up Might Make Perfect Sense [Opinion]

Grant HalversonGetty Images

As the 2018 NFL Draft continues to draw closer, the Green Bay Packers are beginning to close in on what they want to do in the first round. Green Bay currently has the No. 14 overall pick, but general manager Brian Gutekunst will have plenty of different trade options to choose from should he choose to do so.

Looking at the way that the current mock drafts are projecting the draft to go, Green Bay may want to seriously consider trading up.

Why would the Packers want to move on from No. 14 with the amount of talent there is in this draft class? Quite simply, there are a few prospects that appear to be perfect fits for the Packers that are going to go in the top 11 picks. Gutekunst might be able to get his guy at No. 14, but there are two or three players who have a good chance of going higher that would be ideal pickups.

Among those names are Denzel Ward, Tremaine Edmunds, Bradley Chubb, Derwin James, and Minkah Fitzpatrick. All five of those players would be huge additions to the Packers’ defense but are likely going to be taken ahead of the No. 14 pick.

If the Packers were to look to make a trade up in the draft, there are a few different options that they could pursue.

First and foremost, the Packers could try to get up as high as No. 5 with the Denver Broncos. John Elway may have his sights set on someone with that pick, but the Broncos always seem to be open for business.

Chris Ballard and the Indianapolis Colts could be another trade partner at pick No. 6. Indianapolis has already traded back with the New York Jets from No. 3 and may want to trade back again, as Colts Wire noted. Moving back to No. 14 would still give the Colts a high draft pick and would add another pick to their inventory.

Making a trade in the NFC North doesn’t seem terribly likely, but the Packers could check in with the Chicago Bears on the No. 8 pick. San Francisco at No. 9 could move back as well.

Green Bay could also wait until around pick No. 11 when the Miami Dolphins are on the clock to make a deal. If one of their top few targets is still there, they might just be willing to package a mid- or late-round pick to move up three spots. Gutekunst knows what he wants to bring in for his team in the first round and moving up three picks might just make that happen.

Needless to say, it is going to be interesting to see what the Packers end up doing in the draft this year. They need to improve their defense and there are quite a few intriguing prospects to do so. That being said, moving up and getting one of the best defensive talents in the first round would make a lot of sense for Green Bay.

Expect to quite a few rumors surrounding the Packers leading up to the NFL Draft. Gutekunst has proven himself to be much more aggressive than Ted Thompson was as the Packers’ general manager, which makes trade scenarios look much more plausible than they have in years past.