Elizabeth Hurley’s Latest Photo Started Out As Trio, But Morphed Into A Duo For Headlines [Opinion]

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During a previous interview, Elizabeth Hurley very nonchalantly shared that her 15-year-old son will sometimes stand-in as her photographer while she poses for the bikini photos that she posts on Instagram. This opened the floodgates for online criticism, along with debates on whether this is an appropriate vs. inappropriate mother-son activity. That hoopla is still going on today.

Damian Hurley turned 16 this month and when Elizabeth posted a picture of she and her son as a birthday memory, the critics came out again. This time it was to attack her plunging neckline in the picture. Some people felt it was too revealing for a mom who is posing for a photo with her teen son. One critic even deemed her an “embarrassing mum,” as reported in a previous Inquisitr article.

The latest “alarmingly sexy picture with her son,” which is how Some-E-Cards describes the photo, was posted on Instagram by Hurley’s son. It seems the only “alarming” thing about this picture may be what people are saying about it. Elizabeth Hurley is dressed in a French maid’s costume, with an apron, fishnet stockings, and little ribbons in her hair. She is sitting with her Royals co-star, Joan Collins, who is dressed very much like you would expect a queen to dress.

Collins’ costume consists of a long gown with a bright red sash over one shoulder. Joan is also wearing gloves and jewelry that could easily pass as the crown jewels. The ladies are definitely in costume for this picture, which was taken on the set of the Royals. Then sandwiched in between the two British stage and screen icons is Damian Hurley. That photo is seen below.

This photo was first posted on Damian Hurley’s Instagram page a few days ago, according to Page Six. It appears it was posted to Elizabeth Hurley’s Instagram page today. At the time of this writing on Sunday, it was posted “4-hours ago,” according to the post’s time stamp. In the first four hours of being posted on Elizabeth Hurley’s Instagram page, it already gathered close to 18,000 likes. While the costume that Elizabeth has on might be considered sexy, there’s not much going on in this photo that would be cause for “alarm.”

The headlines describing this picture may be going a tad bit overboard. The headline from Some-E-Cards, “Elizabeth Hurley posts alarmingly sexy picture with her son — This isn’t the first time,” is one of many today. While it grabs your eye, is there really anything “alarming” about this picture of Liz Hurley, her son, and Joan Collins? Most of the headlines seemed to forget to mention there’s a third person in this photo.

The headlines seem to indicate it is a “saucy” or “sexy” picture of Hurley and her son, like the headline from Page Six which reported: “Elizabeth Hurley takes another sexy pic with her son.” Yes, but what about Joan Collins? It appears the famous actress is also invisible in the headline from Metro as this headline reported, “Elizabeth Hurley poses as sexy maid next to 16-year-old son after stunning in a saucy swimsuit.”

In the Blue Bedroom @tagomagoisland @elizabethhurleybeach #JewelBikini #ibiza

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The bikinis that Elizabeth Hurley models on her Instagram post are part of her business, Elizabeth Hurley Beach. She not only designs the swimsuits, but she has her hand in the manufacturing and marketing of her creations as well. With a quarter of a million views on just one post and 80,000 likes on another, it is easy to say how Hurley’s marketing strategy is working. People are flocking to her Instagram page to get a gander at the actress in her newest creations.

At the same time, her son, who is learning to be a photographer, is taking some of these pictures for his mother so she can post them online, again as part of her business. This is something she has conveyed during recent interviews. She has also said that Damian is actually very good at taking these photos.

As far as Hurley’s latest picture with her son Damian — and let’s not forget Joan Collins — it looks more like they stopped for a minute during the filming of their show and someone captured them on camera. Damian has appeared on the last few seasons of the Royals, as he is said to be following in his mom’s Hollywood footsteps.

Nostalgia time.... Damian’s 5th birthday. I may have to get a puppy....????

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Elizabeth Hurley posted this photo of the trio on set on her Instagram page today. She did this after it has been in the scope of attack over the past few days following Damian posting it on his site. Her caption invites viewers to tune in and watch her “favorite episode” of Season 4 tonight.

With all the attention this picture has attracted over the past few days, it appears the businesswoman in Elizabeth Hurley knows how to work it to her advantage. With people flocking to get a glimpse of the photo after all the hoopla about it online, it is a great little bit of advertising for the show. Hurley captions the picture: “My favorite episode of #theroyalsseason4 tonight, with my son @damianhurley1 reprising his role as Prince Hansel and the divine @joancollinsdbe on fabulous form.”

Is this picture of Elizabeth, Damian, and Joan Collins really alarming? Could the online frenzy over Hurley’s inappropriate mode of dress around her son be just a bit out of whack? With Joan Collins in that photo, it looks more like a trio of friends than Hurley taking a sexy photo with her son.