Elizabeth Hurley May Have Tossed Her Critics A Curve Ball With Possibly Most Revealing Pic Yet [Opinion]


Elizabeth Hurley is 52-years-old and she has a bikini body that women half her age would die for, but her critics keep tossing rather condemning remarks her way. When you visit Hurley’s Instagram page, there’s no doubt about it, you are going to find her in more than a few scantily-clad bikinis and outfits.

Amid this latest round of negative feedback, Hurley posted a picture of herself in a new swimsuit design, which she captions “new one-piece.” It is probably the most unrevealing swimsuit she’s been pictured in over the last few weeks when it comes to showing off her assets. But at the same time, it just might reveal more than all of the other bikinis put together when it comes to the critics.

The Express reports that Hurley “whipped her fans into a frenzy today” by slipping into a “seriously sexy white swimsuit” while on vacation. She was “oozing sex appeal,” suggests the Express as one shoulder was bare and the other was sporting a tank top-like strap. While this “tight-fitting garment” doesn’t expose as much skin as her tiny bikinis do, it is as sexy as the rest of them.

Hurley has a smile on her face, one that might be compared to the Chesire Cat. She obviously took a selfie, which is evident by the bathroom mirror in the photo of her of this new suit. She looks a bit mischievous in this picture. She doesn’t mention a word other than she’s donning a “new one-piece,” which is presumingly from her swimsuit brand. So why might this photo be more revealing than all her others combined?

The photo may be the most revealing when it comes to how the critics think. Hurley has been the target of backlash lately just because she looks fantastic in a bikini at her age. After enduring this for a few weeks, she now posts a photo of herself in a one-piece swimsuit. While she is still very “sexy” in this suit, it doesn’t show the cleavage and toned abs that the other suits show.

With that said, there doesn’t seem to be any backlash over this swimsuit photo. The reports on the media sites so far appear to be giving a thumbs-up for this latest swimsuit Hurley is modeling. The comments on her Instagram post are mostly all positive. While one commenter shared, “Not a good look,” it appears to be someone who just doesn’t prefer this type of swimsuit, rather than someone mocking Hurley.

This one photo may be more revealing because it reveals more about the critics than Hurley’s bikini posts. It seems as though Hurley stumped her critics. She looks as sexy as ever, but what can they possibly toss her way when she’s donning a one-piece. The big reveal here is the mindset of her critics, who Hurley apparently stumped by slipping into a “one-piece.”

Did she do this on purpose after all the hoopla over the past two weeks? One might say she attempted to throw her critics a curve ball after all the foul balls they’ve thrown her.