‘Grey’s Anatomy’: The Demise Of April Kepner All Started With Jackson Avery [Opinion]

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What has happened to April Kepner on Grey’s Anatomy is no one’s fault but her own. She can give the excuse that she lost God, but in reality, she left God the night before her board interviews.

As a devout Christian, April made a vow to stay celibate until marriage. But along came the smile and charm of Jackson Avery. Jackson didn’t force anything on her, hell, he accepted the stance she took. But April being April, twisted up in emotions and lust, decided to go against God’s plan and make her own way. That’s when it all came apart.

It started out as a casual one-night stand, then turned into something more. While Jackson and April didn’t last, the seed was planted for what we’re seeing from her character today. After another tryst between she and Jackson, there was a pregnancy scare. With April giving off the impression that she was relieved, their relationship crumbled. Jackson began dating, and April got engaged to Matthew and deemed herself a born-again Christian. All well and good, but Jackson was still lurking.

Right before April was set to say “I do” to Matthew, Jackson stormed into the church and swept April off her feet, literally right out the alter.

What transpired afterward is the reason many Grey’s Anatomy fans have labeled Jackson and April their second favorite couple after Derek and Meredith. A whirlwind one-night stand that ended, only to be reignited by chance, then crushed again by selfishness. Yes, April is no longer the bright-eyed resident we rooted for in the beginning.

With Jackson and April now married, she tried to push God on Jackson, but he stood his ground. He was not a believer. Was he wrong? No, his beliefs have always been the same, and he was not about to change that because of a ring. But April knew this, and she accepted Jackson and still, she continued on knowing in her heart it was wrong.

Then the last few pieces came crashing down after the death of their newborn baby and Jackson and April were never the same.

Instead of dealing with it as a couple, April fled, leaving Jackson alone to deal with the grief while April decided to go off with Owen Hunt to a war zone and heal the troops. Was she wrong? Yes and no. Each person has their one way of dealing with grief and April chose to fight her’s alone. But in the process, she left her husband when they needed each other the most.

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Once back, they tried, but the constant fighting was too much. The couple decided to divorce, but then April dropped another bomb when it was revealed that she was pregnant with their second child. But not even the birth of Harriett could save the couple.

With April and Jackson split for good, something in April snapped. By a rare occurrence, Matthew and his new wife lost their baby under her care and April began to drink, party, and have sex with random men. With her downward spiral evident, Jackson tried to step in and help, but April lashed out while also throwing herself at him.

With her faith supposedly restored, April has tried to make amends with the people she has hurt. But there might be one more devastating piece of news that could send her down the dark path again.

With the news that April will leave Grey’s Anatomy after this season, according to Deadline, there can only be one thing the writers can pull off to make that happen.

With April letting God back into her life, there’s a chance she may try to make it work with Jackson and get her family back. However, she has no idea that Jackson is seeing Maggie. When April learns that little piece of information, she could very well fall off the deep end again, causing another mental breakdown resulting in her leaving the show. The loss of a patient she can deal with, it comes with the job. But to lose Jackson for like the fifth time, may be too much for her to take.