Sean Hannity, Jimmy Kimmel, And The Race To The Bottom [Opinion]

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You don’t have to be a liberal or conservative to admit that both Sean Hannity and Jimmy Kimmel have hit new lows. As the New York Daily News points out, the feud between both stars started when Jimmy Kimmel mocked Melania Trump’s accent. Sean Hannity has served as Donald Trump’s media hit person while condemning and making up absolute lies about anybody who dares to speak out against Trump. However, he has a point this time: mocking an immigrant’s accent is just plain wrong.

After Sean Hannity called Jimmy Kimmel an a** clown, Vanity Fair reports how Kimmel fought back with a “war of words.”

“What even is an a** clown? Is it an a** that’s a clown? Or is it a clown that actually lives in an a**? Like a little Bozo buried into your butt cheeks? And more importantly, why is Sean Hannity openly fantasizing about clowns in the a**?” Kimmel is quoted as asking.

Kimmel got a lot more personal and ridiculous; to the point of parody. Kimmel may be right about Hannity supporting people that are less than human, but that all got lost. Still, Sean Hannity became enraged and did a 20-minute revenge porn segment on Kimmel that sounded like a grade-school revenge skit.

The problem for Jimmy Kimmel is that part of what Hannity says here is true; Kimmel is an absolute hypocrite when it comes to the MeToo movement. Before calling Kimmel a “pervert” and “Weinstein Jr.,” Hannity showed Comedy Central clips of Kimmel asking women to feel his pants and guess what’s inside. At one point, Kimmel tells a woman she should put her mouth on it.

But, it becomes worse as Kimmel puts an object in his pants to represent a fake erection while interviewing different women. The clips are from the early 2000s. The problem here lies in the fact that Kimmel is an outspoken advocate of the MeToo movement, and he was even picked to host the 2018 “MeToo” Oscars, where Kobe Bryant, a man accused of rape in the early 2000s, was given a standing ovation after winning an award.

Hypocrite Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel may be funny, but there is a lot of hypocrisy in his act. Featured image credit: Tommaso BoddiGetty Images

Kimmel is also an outspoken advocate of racial justice, but a YouTube clip in which he performs in blackface has become popular lately. It’s obvious, from the clip, that Kimmel is just imitating basketball hero Karl Malone and doesn’t mean harm. But conservatives rightly argue that if it had been anybody else other than Kimmel doing the skit, their careers would be instantly dead.

Of course, this doesn’t cover up for Hannity’s history of racism, homophobia, misogyny, or probably every other “ism” on the block. But Hannity never claims to represent women or minorities, while Kimmel acts as their late-night spokesperson. While both Sean Hannity and Jimmy Kimmel both come across as immature, it’s Kimmel who comes across as an absolute hypocrite.

Hannity claims that he will stop pounding on Kimmel as soon as the late-night host apologizes to Melania Trump. It’s doubtful that will happen. And that’s a good thing for people who want to see two grown men act like children and race to the absolute bottom.