WWE ‘WrestleMania 34’ Predictions: Match & Championship Winners, Possible Surprises For Sunday [Opinion]


Most of the WWE WrestleMania 34 predictions for winners and losers this coming Sunday are ones that fans may have seen coming for weeks now. While that may be true, there is still the potential for several surprises from different spots on the WrestleMania match card. For example, the men’s and women’s battle royal matches aren’t even featured on the main card but carry some intrigue. There are also lingering questions such as “Will Carmella successfully cash in, and if so, on who?” Also, is The Undertaker actually going to show up and battle John Cena in a match? Here are the latest WrestleMania 34 predictions ahead of Sunday’s big PPV.

One of the biggest questions might actually be how many of the championships will stay with their current owners. Sportsbooks have been giving many of the challengers the odds to win against the titleholders heading into Sunday. For example, Roman Reigns and Shinsuke Nakamura seem like foregone conclusions to win their matches unless WWE has a major swerve in store. The Cruiserweight Championship will have a new owner, and it’s expected to be Cedric Alexander. The women’s titles for Raw and SmackDown have both been pegged as moving to new owners. As far as who they are, remains to be seen.

wwe raw womens champion alexa bliss in danger of losing title at mania
The WWE 'Raw' Women's champion Alexa Bliss is expected to lose her title at 'Mania' but will it be to Nia Jax?Featured image credit: WWE

Asuka’s winning streak has received a major build and having a heel like Carmella disrupt it may be just what she needs to draw heat as the new champion. A prediction is that she could still win the SmackDown women’s title by causing a disqualification before Asuka can win against Charlotte. That way, Asuka still wins her match against Charlotte but Carmella cashes in on an already vulnerable champion to steal the title away. However, another scenario that makes more sense at the moment is that Carmella’s failed attempts to cash in on Charlotte are leading her to cash in on the Raw Women’s champion during WrestleMania 34. After Nia Jax destroys Bliss and left her laid out on the mat, that gives Carmella some sort of opportunity to get involved.

WWE WrestleMania 34 Predictions

  • Cedric Alexander wins the WWE Cruiserweight title
  • Carmella cashes to win Raw Women’s title
  • Asuka wins SmackDown Women’s title
  • The Bludgeon Brothers win the SmackDown Tag team titles
  • The Miz retains the WWE Intercontinental Championship
  • Rusev wins the WWE United States Championship
  • The Bar defeat Braun & mystery partner to retain Raw tag titles
  • Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey defeat Triple H & Stephanie McMahon
  • Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon defeat Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn
  • The Undertaker finally shows up and defeats John Cena
  • Shinsuke Nakamura defeats AJ Styles for WWE Championship
  • Roman Reigns defeats Brock Lesnar for WWE Universal Championship

In the United States title match, the star who has been the most “over” of the four involved has easily been Rusev. If the WWE truly recognizes this, they’ll put the title on him again. Just remember, every day is “Rusev Day,” and it could be even more special this Sunday.

The thought process on the WWE Intercontinental Championship match is that The Miz has been the company’s top heel for quite a while now and deserves that title reign record. He’ll win this match somehow and go on to break that record, giving him the right to claim he’s the best Intercontinental Champion of all time. It will help restore some credibility to the title with a top heel holding it for so long. Miz has been on a roll with the birth of his first child and the Mixed Match Challenge win, and it seems next up will be that IC title record.

The prediction for The Undertaker to show up makes sense after all the hype and build up that has gone on for weeks now. In fact, recent WWE betting odds were published that give bettors an option that Undertaker won’t show up. That seems unlikely, but what fans are wondering is if there will be an actual match. In the best interests of getting the anticipated match over with and giving Taker a win to end his wrestling career with, it should happen.

Another potential surprise will be Braun Strowman’s mystery partner. Right now, the top choices seem to be either Bray Wyatt or Big Cass. However, it could possibly lead to a new feud for Strowman rather than winning his first title on the main roster. In this writer’s opinion, Bray Wyatt needs a spot on the main card.

In addition, there’s the matter of the two battle royals. If the Andre the Giant Battle Royal is part of helping sell the Andre the Giant documentary on HBO, it’s only fitting to give another giant the win. That could be Big Show for his second trophy or Big Cass for his first. A returning Samoa Joe could also be a wise choice, but in the interest of picking someone, let’s go with Big Cass to give him some momentum back after he was sidelined for so long.

In terms of the women’s match, the setup seems to be there to give the first-ever trophy to either Bayley or Sasha Banks. There’s always the outside chance for a newcomer to show up in the match such as Shayna Baszler or “The Iconic Duo.” Still, it makes the most sense from a storyline standpoint to see Banks and Bayley fighting it out and one potentially eliminating the other for the win here. Becky Lynch could also be the big winner, as she has been pushed to the side on SmackDown Live lately but could make a good future opponent for new women’s champion Asuka.