Why There Needs To Be An ‘Arrow’ Spinoff Called ‘League Of Assassins’ Starring Thea Queen [Opinion]

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It was always coming; it was just a matter of when and how Arrow would send Thea Queen away. While bringing Roy back into the picture was classic, Arrow may have left the door open for another possible adventure. In what was possibly the best episode of Arrow Season 6, fans were able to bid farewell to our favorite crime-fighting sister, Thea Queen aka Speedy. But was it really goodbye?

Don’t get me wrong, the original crew of Oliver, Felicity, and John are still great, but Speedy was also a part of that team. To see her give up the suit was heartbreaking but we knew it was only a matter of time before she had to wear it again. While a bit rusty, Thea Queen still possessed the moves that made her as dangerous as her brother Oliver and father Malcolm.

With Thea being hunted by the League Of Assassins, Team Arrow, minus the three stooges, teamed up with Nyssa al Ghul to take down the outlaw assassins. In the end, Thea, Roy, and Nyssa set off to find what Malcolm Merlyn only wanted Thea to know, that he found three Lazarus Pits scattered throughout the world.

While fans are heartbroken over Thea’s departure, they may have missed the hint that her story could still go on.

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Think about it for a minute. Thea left with Nyssa and Roy to find the Pits, but all the while they are still on the hunt for Athena and the rest of the rogue assassins. Image a show that features the three of them traveling to find what Malcolm left behind while dealing with their enemies. While Arrow has been great over the years, it may be time to find some new blood. And giving Thea her own show, especially with her set of skills coupled with Roy’s and Nyssa’s will be nothing but action-packed.

When Oliver said bye to Thea, it felt like the end of Speedy, but not the end of her story. According to Deadline, executive producer Marc Guggenheim said that the door is open for Thea to return. Arrow has always been about Oliver Queen, not Thea. However, if CW were to expand their horizons just a bit with a possible new show titled ‘League Of Assassins’, the plot will focus on Thea. Now, if we really want to dive into something, then what about a possible return by Malcolm? Think about what Thea, Nyssa, and Roy are searching for. The Lazarus Pit is designed for one thing, to bring people back from the dead.

We never saw what happened to the island of Lian Yu and Malcolm. All we heard was an explosion and just assumed that he was dead. If there is one thing I’ve learned from Arrow is that nothing is ever as it seems.