Hillary Clinton Gets ‘Humiliating’ $7,000 Less Than Snooki For Speech At Rutgers, As Her Story Grows Old [Opinion]

Patrick SemanskyAP Images

Hillary Clinton refuses to get off the political clearance rack, which may factor in as to why she was offered a bargain-basement-like fee for a recent speech compared to what she was offered just a year ago, suggest latest reports. Jesse Waters from Fox News suggests, “she just won’t go away.” What Hillary has to say whenever a microphone is within arm’s length is the same thing over and over again. She can’t stop talking about herself and about the many ways she perceives she was slighted, costing her the 2016 presidential election.

Kellyanne Conway, the White House counselor, appeared on Fox & Friends this week and “ripped Hillary Clinton for refusing to move on from the 2016 election,” reports The Hill. Hillary is mortified that people are telling her to “shut up” and “go away,” and she claims “they never said that to any man who was not elected.”

Conway blasted Clinton by saying she is wrong for making those comparisons, as the men who have lost their bids for the White House in the past “were much more gracious about it.” Times have changed and it appears Hillary isn’t the top dog on the political speech circuit these days, if payment is any indication.

Conway mocked Hillary’s expressed desire to stay part of today’s political conversation by conveying how Hillary has only one conversation these days and that “is about her and the 2016 election.” The political conversation today includes infrastructure, the opioid epidemic, health care, and taxes, which Hillary is not talking about.

At one time a year or two ago people couldn’t get enough of Hillary Clinton and paid an astronomical fee of $200,000 to have her appear and share her views. But since that time, her tune has not changed and she gets up on the stage and talks about herself and all the ways she was slighted in the 2016 election.

According to NJ.com, Hillary was paid $7,000 less than Snooki for delivering a speech to an audience at Rutgers. Snooki is from the Jersey Shore reality show that was popular when it aired several years ago. This fee may give Snooki some bragging rights, as she has earned more for a speech than a former presidential candidate.

While it may be a feather in the cap for Snooki, it is a humiliating bit of news for Hillary. The Celebrity Insider suggests that Hillary getting $7,000 less than Snooki, “sounds really humiliating.”

According to CNN, Hillary now cries “sexism,” as she believes no one would tell a man with a failed presidential run to go away. But as Fox News show, The Five, discussed on their Friday evening show, there’s never been a male candidate who refused to pull up their stakes and go home peacefully. That is not the course of action Hillary has taken.

New Jersey Advance Media reported that Hillary Clinton was being paid $25,o00 for a speech on politics at Rutgers University. Snooki got $32,000 from the university when she was there. The two women were paid from different funding sources affiliated with the college. But people are still finding it hard to believe that Hillary, with a totally different set of life achievements than Snooki, was paid less than the woman whose claim to fame is nothing but partying.

“Is there anything worse than being paid $7K less than a woman who made her name blacking out on reality television and referring to herself as a ‘meatball?’ We think not.”

Hillary sounds like a “broken record,” which is something a Fox News article reported way back in June of last year. Her constant telling and retelling of why she lost the election, which she believes is not her fault, just grew old suggests, Fox News. Here it is almost April of 2018, and that broken record analogy has been used a few times to explain Hillary’s constant rehashing.