Jaguar Hits The 2018 New York International Auto Show With Electric Family Based Jaguar I-Pace [Opinion]

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The 2018 New York International Auto Show opened its doors to the media two days early before the public had a chance to see what’s hiding inside the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan. While walking around taking in the scenery of such fine automobiles from companies such as Toyota, Porsche, Audi, and more, one automobile caught my attention. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it was that made me stop in my tracks but I was drawn to the Jaguar I-Pace.

To begin, the exterior is sleek. While most Jaguars are race-based vehicles, the I-Pace is focused on the long trips with your family. But still, the thought of Jaguar improving their popular F-Pace Series with something smaller, I didn’t think they could do it.

Let’s start with what sets this SUV apart from its predecessors. With the I-Pace able to reach from 0-60 miles per hour in 4.5 seconds, Jaguar had to do something to give the SUV a continued smooth ride while hitting 100 miles per hour on the open road. In the front, there is a gap between the grill and hood where it can allow the incoming air to cool its battery while being aerodynamic enough to go over the roof of the SUV to the back. Jaguar is so confident in their design that the I-Pace doesn’t have a rear window wiper.

So, Jaguar built an SUV where they believe no rain will blind the rearview of the driver. How cool is that?

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Now, let’s get down to what makes the Jaguar I-Pace so special. As awesome as the SUV looks, it was rather shocking to learn that the I-Pace will run on a high-tech lithium-ion battery, which has a capacity of 90 kWh. Yes, Jaguar just unveiled their first-ever electronic SUV. Imagine charging your phone up to 100 percent battery and by noon, it’s almost dead. Well, what Jaguar wanted to do was give you a car that’s better than your phone.

The I-Pace can be at 80 percent capacity in 45 minutes of charging. With a full charge, the SUV can travel 240 miles. The I-Pace is equipped with LED headlights, four-wheel drive, a flowing waistline, and the all-important Hood Scoop. But then Jaguar takes it a step further with their plush interior.

You want to talk technology, then Jaguar will provide answers while riding in comfort. To begin, the floating center console is eye-grabbing to say the least. Back in my day, the gear shift was positioned next to the steering wheel, but as time moved on and technology advanced, it was placed in the center console. Well, the I-Pace improved from their other Pace Series by completely redoing it. No longer will the shift be a turn knob, now it’s push buttons.

To maintain the calm interior, the I‑Pace features acoustic laminated glass on the front windows and windshield, reducing noise entering the cabin from outside. The I-Pace also comes with a feature called Heads Up Display to help reduce distraction by providing key vehicle data such as your speed and navigation directions on the windshield.

I told you, Jaguar is set to revolutionize the SUV game with this one. Now, with it being a Jaguar model, you know it’s not the same cost as a Rav 4 or anything similar. If you wish to ride in luxury, you will have to pay to play. The Jaguar I-Pace will start off at $69,500 when it was rumored, according to Ryan Felton of Jolapnik that it would retail around $76,000. While the price is steep, you must remember that the I-Pace is the first of a kind from Jaguar.