Cleveland Browns Have Everything New York Giants Need For Best Odell Beckham Trade [Opinion]

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There comes a time when teams must reach for something they want. In the case of the New York Giants and Cleveland Browns, that time is now. With the Giants looking to possibly draft a future successor for Eli Manning or Bradley Chubb to replace JPP, the Browns can lend a helping hand. According to Bleacher Report, the Giants might trade Odell Beckham. And while suitors are coming out of the woodworks, the Browns might have the best shot.

The Browns might be the one team that has everything the Giants want in a package for Odell. Looking at this year, the Browns hold two of the top four picks in the 2018 NFL Draft. Also, they have two of the first five picks in the second round. Now, if Dorsey is unwilling to unload one of his first rounders this year, they could always offer the Giants their 2019 first-round pick along with a second-rounder from 2018. Not forgetting to mention that Dorsey also has the No. 1 pick up for grabs and a possible trade can be centered around that as well.

Now, before Browns’ fans have a heart attack, just think about what’s at stake. If the NFL Draft is designed to get talent in which to help your team win, then why risk one of those first-round picks on a player who has a 50/50 chance of being an All-Pro? With Beckham, you already know what you’re getting. Per Sports-Reference, in 47 career games, Beckham has caught 313 passes for 4,424 yards and 38 touchdowns. What team in their right mind would not want that type of production?

Yes, he comes with baggage, but there could be a good reason for that. Athletes are like kids who don’t get what they want for Christmas — they act out. The Giants have underachieved for the last four years (except 2016), and after a while, it catches up to you. Plus, Beckham plays in New York where it’s easy to be distracted by any and everything. A change of scenery may be what’s best for Beckham and the Giants.

Maybe the Giants would want the Browns to surrender their No. 4 pick this year. If so, John Dorsey may really have to consider that. The reason being is that Beckham is still one of those rare talents that come along once every 10 years or so. Maybe they take Saquan Barkley or Sam Darnold with the No. 1 pick. Either way, the Browns are still set up pretty good for the future. That’s the beauty of the draft, you never know which players will pan out. If that was the case, Trent Richardson would be leading the NFL in yards every year. But this is Odell Beckham we’re talking about. The man with the most amazing grabs over the last four years.

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Pairing Beckham with Tyrod Taylor, Carlos Hyde, Duke Johnson, Jarvis Landry, and Josh Gordon would give the Browns possibly the best offense in the NFL. All Taylor has to do is just manage the game. What defense could stop that trio of receivers?

In a division where the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals, and Baltimore Raven all have question marks with their talent or dealing with age, the Browns could come out on top as the Cinderella team of the 2018 season. All it will take is a No. 4 pick for an unseen talent when one of the best in the game is there. This is one move John Dorsey should not back away from.