March For Our Lives: The Power Of Emma Gonzalez’s Chilling Silence [Opinion]

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The March For Our Lives movement has been deemed successful by those who attended the event. Thousands of Americans all over the nation have celebrated the voices of those affected by change. Parkland shooting survivors led the charge for the march and nobody doubted their ability to deliver even though most see them as “just teens.”

Despite the overwhelming support from celebrities and other people of notoriety, it was Emma Gonzalez, the face of the movement, who made the biggest impact of all.

Gonzalez took to the stage to share her thoughts about what’s happening in the country and the nation’s (or arguably, the part of the nation that supports gun reform) cry for change. So far, some companies have cut ties with the NRA, but without a strong legislation, assault rifles and other firearms will still be legal to purchase by any American.

The movement has been going on for months now, but the survivors, alongside the students affected by other school shootings in 2017, are not stopping until something is done. Though the NRA still pushes its propaganda about the “right” of each American to their firearm, March For Our Lives has proven the cry of the people.

Gonzalez’s speech was concise. She recalls how each of the students in her school will never be the same again. The young activist said that for those who could not comprehend the importance of urgent gun reform, it is simple. The availability of these guns ended the lives of the people they knew. The tragic six minutes, 20 seconds of the whole rampage recollection was hard to hear, but it was needed.

March for our lives Emma GonzalezFeatured image credit: Mark WilsonGetty Images

Most people see a political plot behind the march. Others claim that Gonzalez and others are trying to take away their “freedom.” But, for Emma and everyone in her school, it was as simple as never getting to see these people again. The simple concept of unnecessary loss of lives that could have been prevented if the government did something. It’s the fact that we’re talking about multiple children who had dreams, quirks of their own, talents, and aspirations that will never come to life.

In the middle of her speech, Gonzalez paused. Not saying any word after she mentioned the names of the victims. The crowd was stricken. Some felt uncomfortable with the silence. Others tried to cheer her up, thinking she just needed a boost to continue her speech, but it wasn’t about any of those. Gonzalez chose the weight of her silence to send the message: we’ve lost lives; let’s do something now to not lose any in the future.

“Fight for your lives before it’s someone else’s job.”