Melania Trump Real Victim Of Asinine Allegations — Karen McDougal’s Two-Timing Claim Takes The Cake [Opinion]

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The latest accusations to hit the headlines about Donald Trump seem to offer some inconsistencies. These allegations were made by the former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal when she was interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper. McDougal claims she embarked on a love affair with Trump around the same time the former porn star Stormy Daniels alleges she had an affair with him as well.

These allegations are getting so ridiculous with McDougal now questioning the validity of Daniels’ claim that she was with Trump at a certain event. McDougal questions how it is possible for Daniels to have been with Trump in Tahoe at a golf tournament when she alleges she was with Trump at the same time and place.

As the Mercury News reports, “McDougal isn’t sure how Trump could have two-timed her with Stormy in Tahoe.” It looks like Trump may be doing the right thing by keeping mum as these allegations emerge. If you give these accusers enough time they may cancel each other’s stories out.

McDougal’s interview with Anderson Cooper left you wondering what these allegations are really all about. As Greg Gutfeld from The Five on Fox News suggests, these allegations and the CNN interview with McDougal leave only one victim in their wake, and that is Melania Trump. On Friday evening, The Five took a couple of excerpts out of McDougal’s interview with Cooper and analyzed just what was being said.

At one point during McDougal’s interview, she brings up Trump’s alleged affair with former porn star Stormy Daniels. She acts as if she were two-timed by Trump now that she’s learned by comparing the dates that he allegedly cheated on her. In what sounds like the opening scene for a verbal catfight, which is now over a decade in the making, McDougal questions Daniels’ claims.

McDougal claims that her relationship with Trump was real love, yet she claims he attempted to pay her for sex after their first time together. She also tells Anderson Cooper how she knew he was married when she agreed to meet with him. On her part, the meeting was only to start a friendship with Trump.

She said she thought it would be interesting to get to know this “brilliant” businessman, according to the Daily Beast. While she alleges this friendship-based meeting became something more within just a few hours, she continued to tell her mother they were only friends even as this alleged affair was in full swing.

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There are just too many inconsistencies in her story to even attempt to put it together to get a sense of where she is going with all of this. It doesn’t feel like a tell-all to make her world right again, as she claims. It feels more like a horrendous slam aimed at Melania Trump.

Why would this woman possibly need to divulge that Trump allegedly did not use protection when having sex with her? This just adds insult to injury. If you think about it, this allegation is one horrendous way of trying to humiliate Melania Trump. By saying that Trump allegedly did not wear protection, it is like saying that he not only cheated on Melania, but he allegedly didn’t care enough to protect her from whatever he might bring home.

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So, in other words, the allegation about unprotected sex seems to offer nothing to her story but a slam aimed at the first lady. Melania is a victim of what looks like one horrendous attempt to humiliate her. It appears that the first lady refuses to be a victim. It is apparent by Melania Trump’s recent actions that she sees what is really at play here with these ludicrous accusations. Beside remaining quiet over McDougal’s claims, she let the world know they haven’t changed her life one bit with the simple act of posting an online photo.

On the heels of McDougal’s interview, Melania posted a very special photo of herself with her husband. The happy and content-looking couple is standing in the White House with a snowy view of the Washington Monument behind them. The two photos she posted are embedded above in this article.

The photo appears to be a dignified and classy act of retaliation against all these allegations, which seem to have been concocted but for no other purpose than to humiliate Melania. The pictures indicate all is well in the Trump family and despite trying, you didn’t get to her. She captioned the first picture, “Greetings from the White House,” and the second one was simply, “Snow Day.”

Upsetting Trump’s wife with these assinine allegations seems to be the end game for all of this. What better way to get to the iron-skinned Trump then by upsetting his wife? This seems to be the mindset behind these allegations. But it backfired as Melania’s Instagram post seems to say that it just didn’t work and that it wasn’t even a good try.