Caitlyn Jenner’s Nose Compared To ‘Chewed Up Piece Of Gum’ By Twitter User After Graphic Pic Emerges [Opinion]

Jordan StraussAP Images

Caitlyn Jenner posted a photo of herself that clearly shows the tip of her nose looking raw, bloody, and misshapen. She shared this picture to warn her fans that the sun can do some serious damage to your skin.

Despite the seriousness of this matter, this didn’t stop some people from the online world from offering up some critiques of her photo that were less than supportive. One Twitter user wrote that Jenner’s nose looked like a “chewed up piece of gum.” Another Twitter user claims Jenner’s nose “melted off.” But these were probably just the type of critiques Jenner was going for.

The reality star probably didn’t want people to look at her picture and say, “that doesn’t look so bad.” Jenner used her graphic picture to warn her fans about the danger of sun exposure. She wanted her fans to see the real picture and understand her fears. According to the Edmonton Sun, Jenner might be at risk of losing her nose.

Jenner revealed this picture on Tuesday along with the explanation for why her nose is looking so raw. She posted the photo to her Instagram account and shared — “I recently had to get some sun damage removed from my nose.” According to Page Six, the reality star who was once the head of the famous Kardashian-Jenner family appeared in the photo without any makeup.

People Magazine confirms that Jenner had a cancerous basal cell carcinoma removed from the tip of her nose. When Jenner first posted the picture she cited “sun damage” with no mention of the skin cancer removed from her nose. She did, however, warn her fans to wear sunblock and used this picture as a very graphic reason to remember. That procedure left Jenner looking different.

Despite the many venues used to remind the masses to wear sun-block, this picture does a better job of sending that message loud and clear. The Toronto Sun also posted a picture of Jenner.

Several fans have offered their support in the comments of Jenner’s Instagram post. According to the Mirror, Jenner said, “I’ve seen so much love on Instagram, and it has really inspired me. I am looking forward to 2018, I think it will be a really great year.”

While many Twitter users took Jenner’s health scare seriously, some attempted to mock Jenner’s photo. But one would have to think that mocking her picture ended up backfiring on those folks. Their cruel words did nothing more than spread the same news that Jenner wanted to share. Their critiques on how horrendous Jenner’s nose looks is the same message Jenner appeared to be sending: Don’t let this happen to you.