‘Scandal’: So Much Hate For Olivia Pope When There Shouldn’t Be [Opinion]

Jordan StraussInvision / AP Images

For seven seasons, Scandal has been one of the top shows on TV. But in their last season, something has gone terribly wrong. I can understand the reason for wanting everything to come full circle, but in doing so, ABC has tarnished what was once a great show. For example, look what has happened to Olivia Pope.

When Scandal first aired, Pope was the darling of primetime TV, but a closer look reveals that maybe she shouldn’t have been. Or, at least anyone on that show. What Scandal has been reduced to is a game of “anything you can do, I can do better” moments. This season was set to focus on Oliva’s rise and fall and according to EW, if she could redeem herself in the process. While Scandal has done just that, they also have managed to reveal how hypocritical they have been in the process.

Oliva’s end game has always been the White House. Yes, she started there with President Fitz as the White House Chief of Staff then went out on her own while still holding a relationship with a married president. That only drew red flags. But nevermind that. The nitty-gritty of this article is to touch on the hate that Olivia Pope is receiving from her former friends and colleagues.

Pope’s former friends are angry with her for two reasons. One, she killed President Rashad and his niece on U.S. soil by blowing up his airplane. And the second is that she left Quinn for dead in her father’s basement. Killing President Rashard was a cold-blooded act, but she made a tough call. As for the second, she had no intention of getting Quinn killed. She tried to call her father’s bluff thinking he wouldn’t go that far and truth be told, he didn’t. But Olivia didn’t know that.

With everyone thinking Quinn was dead, Charlie stumbled upon the truth and when it was revealed that Oliva was a part of it, she became an outcast of the group. But why?

Aren’t they the same group who had done more dirt than anyone in Washington D.C.? I get it, they are mad at Liv for the attack on one of their own. But wait, if memory serves me correctly didn’t Huck try to kill Quinn, and Charlie tried to kill Quinn and Huck? Not to stop there, but didn’t Abby also try to kill Huck and Quinn and attack Abby? So why all the hate for Liv when now everyone is besties again? But somehow Liv is now the outcast.

She had no intentions of killing her best friend. It wasn’t as if she put a hit out on her. It was a misunderstanding. How can they block Oliva out when at one point, they all tried to kill one another?