The New York Jets Are Officially The New Cleveland Browns After Trade With Colts [Opinion]

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For some reason, there are a few fans of the New York Jets who are pleased with the outcome of their trade with the Indianapolis Colts over the weekend. Why? What exactly did the Jets do to garner such praise? Has anyone not taken the time out to examine what the Jets gave up? For years, NFL fans across the world have given grief to the Cleveland Browns about their draft busts and non-winning ways, yet, the Jets are applauded. Go figure!

So, the Jets had the sixth pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, got nervous and traded with the Colts for the third pick in the draft. This is normal for teams but the Jets were robbed and yet, they actually believe they pulled some major move. The speculation is that this deal was done to grab one of the top quarterbacks. But which one and why?

This offseason, the Jets offered a reported $30 million per to Kirk Cousins, only to watch him sign with the Minnesota Vikings for less. With Cousins off the table, the Jets elected to sign Teddy Bridgewater and then re-sign Josh McCown. The Jets now have two viable starters on their team, and yet they decided to mortgage their future for a rookie who many experts are 50/50 on. It doesn’t matter which QB they go after, each one comes with question marks.

This move is one that many would have expected the Browns to make considering their history. But surprisingly, the Browns have looked more like offseason vets and the Jets, well, they could be the next team to go 0-16.

Here Is Why This Deal Is Idiotic For The Jets

Take a look at the four teams who were ahead of them in the draft. Browns (No. 1), Giants (No. 2), Colts (No. 3), Browns (No. 4), and Denver Broncos (No. 5). Out of all these teams, how many are in dire need of a quarterback? The Browns are poised to select Saquon Barkley with the top pick and the Giants may select a quarterback, but why should they? Eli Manning is signed through another two years, according to Spotrac, and they still have the young Davis Webb waiting in the wings.

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The Colts were never going to select a quarterback as long as they have Andrew Luck. The Browns have the fourth pick, and that may have been used for a defensive player, especially after Hue Jackson named Tyrod Taylor as their starter for the 2018 season. So that leaves the Broncos, who were a gamble due to their signing of Case Keenum this offseason. So why the rush for the Jets?

Why did they have to give up three spots and three second-round picks to move up only to take a quarterback who was going to be there at No. 6?

Let’s say the Jets have their sights on Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, or Josh Rosen. Out of those three, the Jets have one in mind they really want. Now, what if the Browns and Giants were to be spiteful and select two of the three. That will leave the Jets foaming at the mouth. There is also speculation that the Jets will look to draft Bradley Chubb. If that’s true, then they could also be in for a world of hurt, as both the Browns and Giants could use a pass rusher with his skills.

I get that the draft is a gamble, but what the Jets just did was throw almost two seasons away for a player they may have gotten with their initial pick. What happens if they miss out on their guy in the first round? This draft is so QB and defensive heavy that they could get a stud in the second. Oops, not this year, as they gave up that option with this crazy trade.

Fans are rejoicing for this move when they haven’t taken the time to look at what it really means. The Jets didn’t help themselves — they helped the Browns, Giants, Colts, and Broncos.