Nude Image Of Trump Appears To Add Insult To Injury With ‘Tiny Hands’ On Cover Of The New Yorker [Opinion]

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Donald Trump is painted in a totally nude image on the cover of the newest edition of The New Yorker, in a rather humiliating depiction called “Exposed.” The magazine is offering a preview of this cover for its March 26 edition, sporting this disturbing image of the U.S. President. Artist Barry Blitt claims this image is his way of depicting Trump’s relationship with the press, but there seems to be much more to this humiliating image once it meets the eye.

The Huffington Post describes how a “judiciously placed lectern covers a crucial part of the president’s anatomy as he points to a member of the press.” Blitt refers to Trump as the “gift that keeps on gifting.” Blitt told the New Yorker that this rendition of Trump is his way of expressing Trump’s “stormy relationship with the press.”

The Huffington Post stated: “The (New Yorker) magazine adds helpfully, for those wondering, that adult film star Stormy Daniels has boasted: ‘I can definitely describe his junk perfectly.'”

Blitt’s painting of Trump is being referred to as “fat-shaming” by some online commenting today. His image is created with excess fat and a huge roll of flesh under his chin.

The private parts of this image are covered up by a podium, but it is a rather thin podium, unlike the good sized one used at the White House. Was this tiny podium making a suggestion as to what it was hiding?

Donald Trump walking away from podium
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It seems obvious that Trump’s hands are out of proportion with the rest of his body, which might be explained if this happened to be a caricature of Trump, but somehow that “small hand” comment that came from Marco Rubio during the 2016 presidential campaign comes to mind. The Washington Post suggested “to Stormy Daniels, vocal figures in President Trump’s orbit haven’t been shy about attempting to expose the commander in chief.”

Bustle suggested that this might be the “boldest” of covers yet for the New Yorker Magazine. Bustle also offers an example of the “tiny hands” being noticed online, citing a social media user posting “Wow! What an illustration…depicts Trumps perfectly. Tiny hands….”

ABC News described the history of the “small hands” comment in an archived article. It was a comment made by Marco Rubio about Trump that erupted the crowd in laughter during the 2016 race for the White House. Rubio said the following.

“He is taller than me, he’s like 6′ 2″, which is why I don’t understand why his hands are the size of someone who is 5′ 2.” Have you seen his hands? And you know what they say about men with small hands — “

Social media has popped out a few comparisons to The Emperor With No Clothes, and while some find Blitt’s depiction of Trump “brilliant,” others found it “rather disrespectful,” according to the Huffington Post.

Many of the possible messages seen in the naked image of Trump are pointed out by both the mainstream media and folks across the social media sites. No matter what message might be woven into to this Trump image, this is the President of the United States. This disturbing depiction is not only humiliating to the President but for the entire country as well.

Whether you support Trump or not, he is still holding the highest office in the land, and that alone deserves respect. While there are some out there that cheer this type of image on, what does it say to the rest of the world about Americans?

Besides being the President of the United States, this is also a man with a family; this could especially be upsetting to his young son who will more than likely stumble across this image online at some point. For those of you out there with a father, put yourself in this young man’s place. How would you feel if you saw your dad in an image like this? Heartwrenching would probably fit this scenario the best.

There was a time in this country that the office of the president was given respect no matter who held it at the time. It seems the nation is moving in another direction today.