Car Occupant With Jesus Fish Decal Survives Deadly FIU Bridge Collapse, Photo Brings Controversy [Opinion]

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On Thursday, March 15, , a breaking news reporter with the Miami Herald, posted two photos of a car whose occupant survived the deadly collapse of a pedestrian bridge at Florida International University. “Survivor is spared by bridge collapse,” wrote Monique, and Twitter users began to reply in wonder at what appeared to be a “river of blood” flowing in deep red on the right side of one photo. Other Twitter users noted that instead of blood, it appeared to be transmission or radiator fluid leaking from the KIA car, whose front end was smashed under the weight of the fallen bridge.

However, several other astute viewers noticed that the car had one of those popular Jesus fish car decals, a sticker that some Christians sport on the backs of their vehicles in a nod to Jesus’ words to follow Him, as noted in Matthew 4:19, according to Bible Gateway, which promises that a life lived with eyes fixed on Christ would help make a believer “fishers of men,” not just fishers of fish, which was the occupation of some of the original 12 disciples.

“Follow Me [as My disciples, accepting Me as your Master and Teacher and walking the same path of life that I walk], and I will make you fishers of men.”

A car with the front crushed after a pedestrian bridge collapse in Miami.
Close call for the occupant of KIA car with Jesus fish decal in bridge collapse at FIU.Featured image credit: Joe RaedleGetty Images

The Jesus fish decals may come with their own controversy. One Florida woman claimed her Jesus fish earned her a ticket, reported NBC2 News.

Bad Christian drivers were instructed to lose their Jesus fish decals, reported Christian Today.

But the debate going on in the reply section of the Twitter post from Monique and others who have noticed the Jesus fish decal on the car amid the rubble accuses those who noticed the Jesus fish and commented on it as implying that the others who died in the tragedy were killed because they weren’t believers. However, others have commented that nothing could be further from the truth.

The most recent death toll, as reported by CBS News, sits at six souls who have lost their lives in the tragedy.

The truth about death and Christians and prevention from harm seems closer to what Pastor John Gray revealed in the following video when he spoke about praying for his mother to be healed of cancer and getting that prayer answered when surgeons opened her up to excise the cancer that had been confirmed but found none.

John’s wife, Aventer Gray, noted that while she also prayed for her brother to be healed from cancer – he died at a young age of cancer in spite of prayers. Aventer said she tells her husband to be aware that some people don’t necessarily get their prayers answered in the way they expect and to be mindful of that fact when considering people who have prayed for a healing that didn’t appear to result in an answered petition. Nevertheless, Aventer stated that by God choosing to take her brother to heaven in his 30s meant – in her opinion – that he was done with his earthly mission, and that the Lord still healed him by taking him home.

John was honest when asked why God allowed some good people to experience tragic things when he answered, “I don’t know.”