‘Black Panther’ Set The Bar High, But ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Will Be Better [Opinion]

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As Black Panther continues to break records in theaters, Marvel continues to plot. While Black Panther is considered a masterpiece and has set the bar high for upcoming Marvel movies, it’s Avengers: Infinity War that will make BP take a back seat. What Black Panther has been able to do in terms of box office receipts have been outstanding. According to Vanity Fair, Black Panther has crossed the $1 billion mark. Great news for fans of Black Panther, but even better for the starving fans of Avengers: Infinity War.

While T’Challa is the talk of Hollywood, the fact remains that in less than two months, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, and the others will take center stage. Not to take anything away from the residents of Wakanda, but once this team forms, everything changes. The excitement is so real that Marvel has pushed up its release date one week.

The biggest knock on Marvel films has been toward the villains. However, Killmonger changed that real fast. While Killmonger was the real driving force behind Black Panther, fans just getting into the MCU will be in for quite a treat when they meet Thanos. What set Killmonger apart from other MCU baddies was that he was human with a great backstory fans could relate to. But Thanos is pure evil, possibly the worse of them all.

What made Black Panther so special besides the Killmonger angle was that most fans didn’t know who he was. The majority of my friends learned of the movie through word of mouth. These are the same viewers who, when asked by me, had never heard of Captain America: Civil War and had no idea T’Challa was in it. A friend who saw the movie with me wanted to know who the white guy coming out of the hut was in the extra credit scene. She had no idea Black Panther fought with and against the Avengers.

Avengers cast are reassembling for Infinity War
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Talk about action. While Black Panther had its fair share, it will be nothing compared to what Infinity War will bring to the table. The one thing Black Panther will have over Infinity War is that element of surprise. No one knew what to expect from Black Panther. It was a fresh story to be told, whereas Infinity War has been building up since the first Iron Man. We know about Cap and Bucky. We were there with Iron Man and War Machine as they built their friendship. We’ve seen the jealousy Loki has for Thor, and we know Black Widow has a thing for The Hulk. What we also know is why Black Panther was there.

If Avengers: Infinity War is to stay true to comic form, we will get to see something that has never been done in any of the MCU movies. Somehow, one or a few of the top heroes will die. This alone should make for a better movie than Black Panther. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen Black Panther twice already and the excitement has yet to wear off. But I know what’s in store with Avengers: Infinity War.