‘Melania Knew,’ Says ‘NY Times’ Columnist Charles Blow: Stormy Daniels Payoff Too Tawdry To Miss [Opinion]

Andrew HarnikAP Images

Melania Trump knew her husband was having an affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels, according to New York Times columnist Charles Blow. The writer says the Daniels affair was so “lewd and tawdry,” even by Trump standards, that there’s no way Melania could not have known about it, Raw Story is reporting.

Blow begins his analysis by noting that there was chicanery in Trump’s fidelity even when he first met Melania. Trump was at a New York Fashion Week party, on a date with another woman, and in the process of divorcing his second wife, Marla Maples (whom he’d cheated on), when he noticed Melania and asked for her number.

“He sent his companion to the bathroom so he could have a few minutes to chat up the model he’d noticed. But Melania knew of Trump’s reputation — which was immediately confirmed by the fact that he had come to the party with a date and was now asking for her number.”

In a lengthy Op-Ed piece, Blow then goes on to point out what happened in the next couple of years. The fateful night when he met Melania was in April of 2004. In September, Trump was on Howard Stern, discussing Trump’s daughter Ivanka.

“Stern says, ‘Can I say this? A piece of a**.’ Trump responds, ‘Yes.'”

In January of 2005, Trump and Melania married. In September of that year, Trump was famously captured by Access Hollywood microphones making his famous “gram ’em by the p***y” line. Barron was born in March 2006, meaning that Melania was pregnant with Donald’s son while he made that famous quip. And four months after Barron was born, Trump was in Lake Tahoe, where he met Stephanie Clifford, an adult film actress who uses the stage name Stormy Daniels. The rest, as they say, is history.

For Blow, it’s not the alleged infidelity that bothers him. After all, he says, what goes on in another couple’s marriage is their business alone. However, he rejects the narrative that Melania is simply an innocent victim in all of this. Rather, Blow says, any consideration of Trump and Melania’s relationship must be considered in light of his ongoing treatment of women.

“What matters most to me about this sordid tale is the way it fits into a pattern of behavior and a Trump worldview about women: that they are mere objects and opportunities, a reward owed to men of wealth, and that objections and protestations are invalid. This is about the defamation of, silencing of, and shouting down of women.”

Melania, for her part, has been accused before of being visibly unhappy in her marriage. Even back in May of 2017, long before news of the alleged Stormy Daniels affair became a part of the daily news cycle, Vanity Fair reported on the state of the Trumps’ marriage. Specifically, the magazine posited that Melania’s wealth and comfort was her reward for putting up with Donald’s “humiliation and boorishness.”