Magic Kingdom Brings Citrus Swirl Back To Sunshine Tree Terrace, Orange Swirl Options Remain [Opinion]

Danny Cox

There are different snack and food items all around Walt Disney World, but everyone has their favorites. Some love the Dole Whip. Others think a Churro is an ideal snack. Many only want to have a Mickey Pretzel. People grow attached to the snacks they love and that’s why it is so hard to deal with any kind of change. Well, that’s exactly what has happened with the removal of the Citrus Swirl and Magic Kingdom replacing it with an Orange Swirl.

UPDATE on March 15, 2018 – 6:00 p.m.

Less than one week after the iconic Cirus Swirl was removed from the Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland, Disney has made things right. There were numerous complaints online and apparently, Disney was listening. In a bit of a compromise, the Citrus Swirl and Citrus Swirl Float have returned to the menu while the Orange Swirl and Orange Swirl Float remain as options, but as the Orange Cream and Orange Cream Float.

The official website of Walt Disney World has updated the online menu for Sunshine Tree Terrace to reflect the new changes.

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Just last month, Disney took the Specialty Mac and Cheese from Friar Tuck’s and replaced it with loaded tots and a fried Twinkie. No one saw the change coming, but it wouldn’t have done any good to know ahead of time and revolt against it.

Now, the Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland has changed its menu and it is causing a bit of a stir. As shown on the official website of Walt Disney World, the Citrus Swirl has been completely removed and replaced with an “Orange Swirl” and “Orange Swirl Float.”

The menu change has just happened, and the online menu for Sunshine Tree Terrace keeps going down and not working. It is evident that Disney is changing it, but it appears to be taking quite a while. In person, though, the menu has been changed and is there for all to see.

walt disney world magic kingdom sunshine tree terrace orange citrus swirl
Featured image credit: Danny Cox

As you can see, the Orange Swirl in a cup is just $4.29, while the Orange Swirl Float is $5.29 and both are considered snack credits on the Disney Dining Plan. The rest of the menu has stayed untouched, but changing the Citrus Swirl is big enough to alter anyone’s plans of visiting or not visiting Sunshine Tree Terrace.

The new blend is a mixture of vanilla and orange soft-serve ice cream which is an obvious change over the old Citrus Swirl. It no longer has the bright color and tart taste of orange juice, and it is more of a softer taste which, well, it isn’t great.

The new orange soft-serve ice cream is vegan-friendly.

walt disney world magic kingdom sunshine tree terrace orange citrus swirl
Featured image credit: Danny Cox

It’s not necessarily bad at all and it has a taste much like that of a creamsicle bar you can buy from most groceries. There is more of a sweet taste to the new snack and the tartness of the frozen orange juice has disappeared, and that is honestly what was so enjoyable about the Citrus Swirl.

While some will likely enjoy the new Orange Swirl, many are already upset about it.

The return of the Citrus Swirl and the iconic Orange Bird back in 2012 is something that a lot of Disney fans wanted for a long time. Now, a major change has taken place in Adventureland and it has come as a huge surprise to so many people.

walt disney world magic kingdom sunshine tree terrace orange citrus swirlThere is really no shortage of awesome snacks in Walt Disney World, but it’s not easy to deal with change for some people. Sure, they will be able to survive without something such as the Citrus Swirl, but the Orange Swirl really wasn’t an expected or great replacement. Sunshine Tree Terrace used to have one of the best snacks in all of Magic Kingdom, but the change is going to take a bit of getting used to.