Madonna Fans, Kim Kardashian, And Hypocrisy [Opinion]

Kevin Winter and Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

She’s a slut. She’s a w**re. She has no talent. She’s an insult to women. She’s a bad role model. Those are just some of the nicer things that have been said about Kim Kardashian over the past several years. But they have also been said about Madonna for over 30 years. So why are some loud Madonna’s fans shaming Kim Kardashian in the same way the Queen of Pop has been shamed for years?

This week, Madonna showed up to Barneys to promote her MDNA skincare line. And she brought along a special (but not-so-special to some of Madonna’s fans) guest. Vanity Fair has the news.

“After hanging out at Guy Oseary’s annual post-Oscar party on Sunday night, Madonna and Kardashian united for a panel on their respective beauty lines at Barneys in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Madonna, up to date on social media as ever, posted a photo of the two to her Instagram.”

Then, as the article noted, some of Madonna’s fans were absolutely brutal. Here are just some of the comments after Madonna’s Instagram post.

“In her heyday, Madonna wouldn’t have given Kim K…a moment of her time!”

“Disappointed to see YOU on the same stage with this individual who has no talent. This is wrong. You don’t put a diamond together with trash.”

Successful Kim Kardashian
Some Madonna fans think Queen of Pop is "above" working with Kim Kardashian. Featured image credit: Michael LoccisanoGetty Images

“Stop with her! She’s talentless and deplorable. You’re the only Queen!”

Then, things got even worse a day later when Madonna announced an official collaboration with Kim Kardashian.

Instead of just commenting on Madonna’s Instagram, many fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment.

And on Madonna’s fan sites, many fans are ready to turn over their fan cards. Many are using some of the same adjectives to describe Kim that they hate when used to describe Madonna. Yup, these are the same fans who forgave Madonna for Shanghai Surprise. They forgave her for the book SEX, and now even pretend its groundbreaking. They forgave her for American Life and now pretend that it’s actually one of her best albums. They even forgave her for the “Lady of the Manor” photoshoot, which shockingly found Madonna posing with chickens and wearing a country dress in 2004. Let’s not forget one of the most criticized collaborations in music history, Madonna’s collaboration with Britney Spears on “Me Against The Music.”

First of all, Madonna’s collaboration with Kim Kardashian is not about music; it’s about skincare. And Kim Kardashian has been very successful launching her own skincare line. So, wouldn’t it make sense for Madonna, in terms of marketing, to collaborate with Kardashian? You can legitimately ask why Madonna is creating a skincare line, but criticizing her for collaborating with someone who is very successful at it doesn’t make any sense.

Are some of Madonna’s fans forgetful, or have they turned into extremist Donald Trump supporters? Bashing a woman for the way she chooses to present and market herself is so 1990s. Like Madonna, Kim Kardashian is a self-made woman. She is very charitable, very smart (perhaps not in the way a “classy” woman is “supposed to be”), and fights against a patriarchal society that tries to box women into categories that are hypocritical and sexist.

Madonna would be ashamed at the way some of her fans are acting. And Kim Kardashian certainly has nothing to lose when gaining Madonna’s support. It’s about time we stop pitting woman against each other and celebrate them collaborating and positively acknowledging each other.