‘Dragon Ball Super’ Major Spoilers: Goku & Jiren Accidentally Kill Frieza While Demonstrating Power [Opinion]

Phát HữuFlick/Public Domain

There are only two episodes left before Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power officially comes to an end. One of the questions currently creating debate among fans is whether Frieza is still in the battle royal arena or not. The last time he was seen in action was in Dragon Ball Super Episode 127, when he got smashed to the ground after trying to attack Jiren.

Two episodes have passed with Frieza’s status remaining unknown. The spoilers posted by Ken Xyro for Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 and 131 also don’t mention anything about Universe 7’s evil warrior. Several theories have been circulating, and one of those is the fact that Frieza is already dead.

After Vegeta was eliminated, the Tournament of Power became a one-on-one battle between Son Goku and Jiren The Grey. Son Goku awakened Ultra Instinct for the third time, but it was not enough to match the power of the strongest mortal. After losing in an epic exchange of attacks, Son Goku had another huge power up and unleashed the Mastered Ultra Instinct. This made Jiren decide to also use his real power.

In a previous Inquisitr article, this writer speculated that Son Goku may have already surpassed Beerus and the other Gods of Destructions after mastering the technique. It was based on Whis’ statement during their training, revealing that even the Universe 7 God of Destruction hasn’t mastered Ultra Instinct. Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 gave fans a glimpse of the clash between two mortals who are stronger than the God of Destruction.

During their battle, fans have seen the destruction of the battle royal arena. The exchange of blows between the two warriors has been so intense that it reached the spectator seats where all the gods were sitting. Based on the power both fighters are unleashing, it becomes a huge question of if Frieza can survive.

The reason why he has not joined the others in the spectator seats is that he could be dead already. As everyone knows, the case of Frieza is different since he already has a Halo above his head. If he dies, his existence will be completely erased.

However, there are still some people who believe Frieza is still alive. Anime Talks, a Youtuber, speculated that Frieza is only hiding somewhere else and waiting for his opportunity to strike. He predicted that Son Goku and Jiren will eliminate each other, resulting in Frieza winning the Super Dragon Balls. Frieza’s main reason for joining Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power was to win the Super Dragon Balls and revive himself.