Oscar Ratings And Reputation Destroyed By Fake Time’s Up and #MeToo ‘Activists’ [Opinion]

Last month, it was the Grammys. Lady Gaga, who spent years working with alleged predators such as Terry Richardson and R. Kelly (even doing a music video with them that Consequence of Sound and others described as an ad for rape), wore a Times Up rose. She has been an “activist” for the cause with her friend Joe Biden, who even HuffPost has condemned for his groping behavior. However, she is hardly the only hypocrite in the entertainment business.

In late January, this author predicted that the Oscars would bomb as well. And the prediction was 100 percent right. According to Deadline, the ratings for Sunday night’s Oscars were a disaster.

“Last night’s ceremony, which aired live from 8 PM – 11:54 PM EST, averaged 26.5 million viewers (Live+same day). That was down -19% from last year’s 32.9 million viewers, a nine-year low.”

Some blame the length of the show. Others blame the fact that many of the winners appeared on other award shows. But it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to understand the truth — both the right and left are sick and tired of being preached to by Hollywood hypocrites. The Hollywood elite has become just as bad as the extreme religious right activists of the 1980s, who used McCarthyist tactics to tell people how they should live their lives.

James Franco hypocrisy

As someone who has truly experienced the results of sexual assault, this author, as well as other survivors, do not want to be lectured to from these Hollywood hypocrites who fully knew Harvey Weinstein’s actions but chose to work with him anyhow since it benefited their careers.

Worst of all, the Hollywood elite has decided to pick and choose who we should be angry with based on their own personal and social justice agendas. This is why James Franco, who was accused (but never convicted) of sexual harassment, was banned from both being nominated and attending the ceremony. Aziz Ansari, who has been accused of nothing more than having a bad date (and rightfully of being a hypocrite himself), didn’t show up.

Many influential actors, directors, and producers have been shunned by the Hollywood elite, but Gary Oldman was widely cheered as he picked up his Oscar for Best Actor for his role in Darkest Hour. As the Chicago Tribune notes, Oldman had been accused of brutally assaulting his wife in 2001 in front of his children.

When basketball legend Kobe Bryant won the award for Best Animated Short Film, one would think that, judging by the audience reception, Jesus had returned. The Hollywood elite cheered, cried, and patted themselves on the back. But they all conveniently (or purposely) forgot that Bryant was accused of brutally raping a 19-year-old girl in her hotel room in 2003. As Think Progress notes, the criminal charges were dropped after the girl, who accused him, didn’t want to testify after she was slut-shamed, victim-shamed, and vilified in the media. However, Kobe paid an undisclosed amount to her behind closed doors in a civil lawsuit.

Think Progress also published a letter Kobe Bryant wrote at the time.

“Although I truly believe the encounter between us was consensual, I recognize now that she did not and does not view this incident the same way that I did.”

Twitter has certainly taken notice of this.

It’s quite possible that Both Gary Oldman and Kobe Bryant have changed. After all, most of us regret a lot of things we did in the early 2000s. Both Oldman and Bryant should be allowed to continue their careers. But to actually reward these two after Hollywood has claimed to be “woke” and “post-Weinstein” smacks of hypocrisy. It also proves that the Hollywood elites are only activists when it is convenient to be so. And that pours salt on the wounds of those of us who have truly been affected by sexual or physical assault and the long-lasting horrific aftermath.