‘The Blacklist’: Elizabeth Keen Has Finally Accepted Raymond Reddington As Her Father [Opinion]

Evan AgostiniInvision / AP Images

From the beginning of The Blacklist, we knew. From the way he looked at her, protected her, and spoke to Elizabeth Keen, we knew that Raymond Reddington was her father. It was just a matter of when? How long before Liz found out the truth? When it happened, it still gave fans goosebumps but for Liz, she was a bit more relieved than anything.

For Liz, not knowing who her father was weighed heavy on her. But to find out it was the most wanted man in the world, well, that’s something entirely different. Over the course of their relationship since Red turned himself in, there have been more downs than ups. But one thing has always remained a constant on The Blacklist, Red’s love for his daughter. All we (fans) have waited for was for Liz to return the favor.

Season 5 of The Blacklist has been about Elizabeth Keen and Raymond Reddington getting to know one another on a personal level. But then Liz’s husband Tom was murdered and everything changed.

Reddington decided to keep another secret from her regarding his involvement in what had Tom murdered. The thought among fans was if Liz found out the truth, she would blame Reddington for Tom’s death, according to EW. However, Red, keeping his promise, told Liz about the suitcase and how Tom was involved and surprisingly, Liz didn’t get angry with her father. In fact, it may have drawn them closer.

It wasn’t until “Mr. Raleigh Sinclair III” that Liz finally accepted who she is and what Reddington means to her.

It wasn’t just one thing she said or did but a series of events that proved her love and loyalty to her father. Liz was ordered to see a shrink in order to be reinstated back with the FBI. However, to move past what Dr. Fulton describes as her issues, Liz had to convince Reddington to join in on a session. Reddington at first tried to wiggle his way out but when your daughter needs you, there’s nothing you can do. Reddington agreed, but the meeting was done on his terms in one of the funniest, yet defining scenes ever on The Blacklist.

Red, not willing to go into the office, held his session in the backseat of his car with Liz sitting in the front. Dr. Fulton would go on to berate Red to his face and much like he has from the start, he defended his daughter and the look on Liz’s face showed her gratitude. To be without a father for so long, then to learn who he is, and when you need him the most, he goes against his merits and manages to still defend you. It was in that moment that Liz accepted who she was.

But with Reddington done with his moment, it was time for Liz to have hers. In her next session, Liz would defend her father for the first time with such sincerity. By doing so, we now understood why she didn’t get mad when she found out the truth about Tom’s death. Liz would tell Dr. Fulton while she viewed Red as a “glorified serial killer,” he’s still her father regardless of his flaws.

Simple words that she has spoken before, but this was different. Liz is fighting her way back into the FBI and she knew that one misstep could ruin that. However, she didn’t care. All she saw was a woman who disrespected her father and Liz wanted payback but in a subtle way.

Neither Red nor Liz has to wear their heart on their sleeve. Neither are built that way; unless, someone attacks either the daughter or the father. We knew Red’s love for Liz was real, it was about time Liz showed hers for her father.