Why The Cleveland Browns Should Trade The No. 4 Pick In 2018 NFL Draft To The Colts For T.Y. Hilton [Opinion]

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The Cleveland Browns hold the No. 1 and No. 4 picks in the 2018 NFL Draft. Even with their dismal 0-16 season fresh in their minds, the Browns have a chance to change the course of their organization just in the first round alone. While many experts have the Browns taking one of the many quarterbacks with one of the two picks, the Browns could surprise everyone and make a trade for a veteran player like T.Y. Hilton

Think about where the Browns are. How does a team who won just one game in their last 32 make a change? At some point, the Browns must consider a slight redirection when it comes to youth. With two of the top four picks in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Browns should trade at least one, and get a veteran. With no clear indication of what they will do with a quarterback, their main area of concern is to find some weapons.

Why The Browns Trading One Of Their Picks For Hilton Is A Smart Move.

Is there a wide receiver in the draft who can come in and be the next Julio Jones, Antonio Brown or even the next Hilton right away? Probably not, so why shouldn’t the Browns make a move for Hilton while they have a chance? If the idea of the draft is to draft a player who could help, then why shouldn’t the Browns offer the Indianapolis Colts their fourth pick for an established veteran.

The issue the Colts are having is that there’s no real indication what’s going on with Andrew Luck. Last season, Jim Irsay said Luck would be ready to go for the season opener. However, Luck never played. Now he’s training in Los Angeles but still hasn’t picked up an actual football according to The Washington Post.

Even if Luck is ready, whose to say that he will return to his 2016 form where he passed for 4240 yards, 31 touchdowns while completing 63.5 percent of his passes. This is where not only the Colts but Hilton must think carefully about. Last season, Hilton saw a drop in production as he caught just 57 balls for 966 yards. This was his first season under 1000 yards since his rookie year in 2012. Hilton is their top receiver, but if the Browns were to offer that No. 4 pick, could the Colts really ignore that?

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Maybe the Colts will take a look at their cap and wish to go younger. According to Spotrac, Hilton is signed through 2020 with annual salaries of $11 million (2018), $13 million (2019), and $14.5 million (2020). With the Colts holding the No. 3 pick, they could use that on the defensive side for Bradley Chubb, then turn around and maybe Barkley is still there at No. 4. And with Jarvis Landry available for trade, they could land him for cheaper than what they’re paying Hilton. It’s a chess game.

For the Browns, think about a duo of Josh Gordon and T.Y. Hilton possibly paired with Saquon Barkley. The No. 1 pick could be used for a quarterback, defensive player or Barkley. With the Browns having a wad of cash and disposable picks, this could be their chance to make a statement. Maybe Hilton is not worth the No. 4 pick but think again. Hilton was picked in the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft behind receivers who are no longer in the league or those who offer little-to-no production.

If we were to re-draft 2012 over, where would you pick T.Y.Hilton? This is what the draft is about, and the Browns get a chance to have a do-over of sorts. The only receiver still producing from that draft is Alshon Jeffery. If possible, what team, knowing what they know now, would not pick Hilton with one of the top four picks in 2012?