‘Scorpion’: Paige Gets Dopey Walter While Florence Understands The Genius Side [Opinion]

Paul A. HebertInvision/ AP Images

The love triangle between Paige, Walter, and Florence on Scorpion just become a little clearer during “Dumpster Fire” this week. Since Florence moved next door to Team Scorpion, there has been this weird chemistry between her and Walter. From the beginning, Walter brushed it off with a strong dislike, but for what reason? Truth be told, Walter treating Florence the way he did early was just how little boys treated girls they liked in elementary school.

With Walter and Paige fully engulfed in a relationship, Florence could be the missing link to Walter’s happiness. I’ll be the first to admit that the Walter and Paige connection seemed like a great idea at first, but that was just because we didn’t have options. Toby and Happy were clear as day. Two nerds who understood one another and look how well that has worked. Sylvester found his common weirdo in Walter’s sister, Megan, but she passed away before they could build on their marriage. Which brings us to Walter, Paige, and Florence.

What Paige and Walter share is good, however, according to THR, fans can lose interest once a couple gets together. This is the reason Florence was written into the show. There needed to be some type of spice, and while it took a while for Walter and Florence to see it, there’s no denying it now.

While “Dumpster Fire” was clearly one of the funniest episodes in the history of Scorpion, it just may have been its most insightful as well.

With the team on a mission to stop a black hole, their intelligence was compromised to equal that of Cabe’s and Paige’s level. Although the scenes were hilarious, it showed just how different Walter and Paige really are. Each member was forced to simplify their thoughts which allowed Walter, Toby, Happy, and Sylvester to think as rational people and not the geniuses they are. However, in the process, Toby and Happy learned how great of a team they are, whereas Walter and Paige finally may have seen their gap.

It all really begun in the opening scene of “Dumpster Fire” during a game of charades where Paige could not figure out what Walter was describing on the board. Once back at the warehouse, each team member figured out which direction Walter would go in if they were to team up in the game. But poor Paige just couldn’t understand.

While Walter’s IQ was compromised, he asked Paige to teach him about one of her favorite songs. Once out of the underground shaft, and his IQ restored, Walter, just being himself, shunned Paige after she informed him that she was ready to teach him about the song. Paige, obviously hurt, looked at Walter before walking out and whispered, “I’ll miss you dopey Walter.” It seemed innocent at first, but then a few seconds later, Florence entered and everything changed.

Florence walked up to Walter’s board and in three seconds figured out what he was working in. She knew his thoughts, and what’s more important, she spoke his language. While the writers have tried to throw us off by bringing Sylvester into the love triangle, there’s no denying it was just a speed bump for a few episodes until Florence and Walter can come to some type of understanding.

Walter and Paige may look good standing next to one another, but underneath it all, there’s no chemistry, no similarities, and no future. Paige may understand the dopey Walter better, but the problem with that is, Walter is a genius. Fans can fight it all they want, but at the end of the day, the best couple on Scorpion may very well be Walter and Florence.