Hope Hicks, ‘If Allowed To Open Up,’ Could Add ‘Fire & Fury’ Chapters, Said Congressman Mike Quigley [Opinion]

Andrew HarnikAP Images

Now that President Donald Trump has lost Hope Hicks, his White House communications director and a confidant as close as a “daughter,” according to Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff, one wonders what the next move should be for Hicks by the time she turns 30 on October 21.

According to CNN’s Erin Burnett, Hicks had enough after Trump allegedly asked Hope how she could be “so stupid” as to admit to telling “white lies” as part of her White House job on Tuesday, when Hope testified before the House Intelligence Committee. Now that Hope’s nearly $180,000 per year job is gone, one wonders what chapter could be next for the former model, who still appears to find the camera and look as runway-ready as ever in her political career, as witnessed by the above photo that found Hicks on the red carpet.

U.S. Congressman Mike Quigley may have inadvertently told longtime Chicago Sun Times writer Michael Sneed what the potential career plans of Hicks could be. Sneed wondered aloud in a new opinion article if the departure of Hicks was just a harbinger of more close confidants leaving Trump’s side.

Quigley, a House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence member, laughed and told Sneed what he was thinking about the potential book of secrets inside Hope’s head about Trump when he listened to Hicks testify.

“I kept thinking while listening to her testimony that if Hope Hicks was really allowed to open up, I believe she could provide some additional chapters to the hit best-selling book Fire and Fury… interesting at best and at least two chapters worth. She [Hicks] had very strong opinions on different people involved in the Trump campaign. But I can’t tell you who they are.”

That “if” is a big “if,” since it’s not clear if Hicks signed a non-disclosure agreement with Trump. After all, Omarosa has floated the idea of writing a tell-all book, as reported by Deadline, with advance amounts of $10 million being bandied about the web. Hope’s potential tome could likely fetch more, depending on how many Trump Family secrets she is willing to sell in order to save her own skin.

Trump has sued other ex-staff, reports HuffPost, when a $10 million suit was brought against Sam Nunberg.

Trump even sued his ex-wife, Ivana Trump, according to USA Today, when he sued her for $25 million amid claims that her novel was too close to their marital story. After Ivana countersued, the two worked out a settlement, so it could be worth it for Hicks to shoot her shot with a saucy book.

With Hicks being a longtime aide who joined the Trump camp three years ago, previously working for Ivanka Trump, Hope no doubt could pen a bestseller that could set her up for life. Instead of Hicks allegedly writing Rob Porter’s domestic abuse defense, Hope could use those writing skills to turn the tables on those who’ve used her smarts over the past few years to advance their missions.

Sneed wrote that Hicks did not like former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who took the job of Corey Lewandowski, a man accused of having an adulterous affair with Hope. Hicks could verify whether Trump told Hope she was the “best piece of tail” Corey ever had, as Wolff alleged. Hope could also spill beans about copying Melania Trump’s style and much more about the presidential marriage, which would surely be worth more than the nearly $180,000 per year job she just left.