One Nation, Under Trump, With Liberty And Justice For Some [Opinion]

Shawn Thew-PoolGetty Images

There is something very, very scary about the Trump presidency.

When candidate Donald Trump declared Mexican immigrants rapists and drug traffickers and then promised to build an impenetrable wall to keep out the scourge, there was disgust.

When Trump, the representative of democracy and free speech, proclaimed the press the “enemy of the people,” there was repugnance.

When President Donald Trump reneged on DACA, and announced that Latin and African nations were “s**tholes, there was outrage.

When our duly elected president publicly sided with a hostile foreign power, despite findings that it actively attempted to subvert our electoral process, sow discord among our people, and then attacked the leaders of the agencies tasked with keeping us safe, calling them “political hacks,” there was indignation.

Finally, when our “dear leader” attacked members of Congress with disparaging nicknames and even his own appointees who disagreed with him, there was only simple shrugs and the nodding of heads.

Donald Trump has beaten his Republican congress into submission, all but stripped the Democrats of a voice on Capitol Hill, and replaced most of the major agency heads with his personal minions.

The takeover of the American republic is now complete — almost.

The ascendancy of Trump to the most powerful position in the world is a puzzle and a nightmare to some, but the enigma of Donald Trump goes far beyond the mystifying spell he has cast on the GOP and a fairly large portion of the American population.

In fact, the implausibility goes light-years beyond anything the best pundit could express in words, or even the most comical presidential caricature can convey. The rise of Trump is an anomaly that defies all logic in that someone who is the apparent antithesis of American democracy could successfully become the representative of this great nation.

With each news cycle, something new and disgraceful springs forth from the maw of an entity that has usurped control of the highest office in the land, and just when we think we have reached the basement, we discover a new sub-basement beneath it.

Although an undignified air of cheapness now surrounds the world’s most esteemed office, there are things even more worrisome than this.

Trump’s refusal to condemn Vladimir Putin for trying to subvert our electoral process is troubling indeed. Additionally, the fact that Trump also refused to implement the sanctions recently passed by a near-unanimous vote of Congress is yet another eyebrow-raiser.

Another distressing aspect of this morass is the deeper we sink into the levels of flotsam, the more powerful this entity seems to become, and consequently, the more invigorated and empowered its base becomes.

However, despite a veritable smorgasbord of other dreadful things to consider, one of the most frightening aspects of this entire ordeal is that an aberration, that is the Trump presidency, has managed to manifest and flourish in the freest country on the face of the planet.

To imagine that there are millions of American citizens who think that our form of government is so fractured that they would knowingly and willingly accept overtly prejudiced and authoritarian leadership is not only terrifying but an abject testament to the power of propaganda.

While there is appeal in a slogan like “Make America Great Again” for obvious reasons, its true meaning is relative to an individual’s own idea of what makes America great.

For some, MAGA represented hopes and dreams of prosperity for the common person. MAGA also enshrined the beginning of a new era with the supposed “draining” of the corrupt “swamp” and the end of the reign of the elites.

Sadly, MAGA inspired the rise of not-so-noble notions as well. The divisive nature of the Trump campaign ever-so-subtly also communicated a completely different message to some of the outliers in our society.

Astonishingly, it appears the gambit worked and as the Trump campaign effectively divided a nation, it also exposed raw, tribalistic instincts, buried just beneath our outward-facing veneers of civility. From that tribalism springs the potential to end democracy as we know it.

Trump’s disdain for political decorum and willingness to flout the rule of law has drawn a blueprint for the foundation of authoritarian governance in America.

During the Obama administration, some right-wing pundits predicted the demise of American society. The alt-right even went as far as spreading a warning that Obama was going to usher in the dreaded “police state.”

However, that fearful dystopia never came to fruition. Obama came and went and not one person was interred in a FEMA camp, no guns were taken, and the banksters did not take over the world.

Perhaps the scariest thing of all about the dawn of the so-called “Trumpocracy” is that the Trump administration appears to be more poised to curtail civil liberties than any other in American history.