Melania Trump Dragged By Seth Meyers: ‘She’s Used To Faking It’ [Opinion]

Pablo Martinez Monsivais, Jordan Strauss/InvisionAP Images

Seth Meyers, the host of weeknight talk show Late Night with Seth Meyers, dragged First Lady Melania Trump with an insult that some observers believe may have been in poor taste, Newsweek is reporting.

As is the case with a lot of such humor, some context might help explain some of the joke’s timing and impact. Meyers, like Jimmy Fallon and so many other late-night talk show hosts, is still early in his back-to-work phase after taking two weeks off during NBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics. During the Olympics, First Daughter Ivanka Trump’s presence was felt. The White House advisor was there as a sort of unofficial representative of the U.S government.

The fact that Ivanka Trump, who is a blood relative of the president, has a job in the president’s administration, was not lost earlier Tuesday on Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski. Specifically, Brzezinski said that “both women” (Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump) have “fake jobs” that are “insulting to women.”

During his monologue Tuesday night, Meyers played that clip and then expanded on it.

“But Melania says it’s no problem for her, because she’s used to faking it.”

Despite the possibly-vulgar sexual reference, Meyers appeared to be making a joke at the observation, by some in the media, that Melania Trump sometimes appears visibly unhappy around Donald (as Vanity Fair noted), particularly in light of allegations of infidelity in their marriage.

In a broader sense, however, says Newsweek writer Tufayel Ahmed, Seth’s joke touches on the controversy surrounding the first lady’s unofficial cause: cyberbullying. Modern first ladies have all taken on unofficial projects apart from their husbands’ legislative agendas — such as Michelle Obama’s advocacy for healthy school lunches and Laura Bush’s focus on childhood literacy. Although Melania keeps a comparatively low profile, she does appear to have taken an interest in the topic of children bullying each other on social media.

The problem, as observers are quick to point out, is that Melania’s husband, Donald, is often known to use social media as a platform for bullying, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. Her seemingly hypocritical stance on bullying was also not lost on Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough.

“That’s an interesting thing for Melania to pick considering… well, I mean, all the insults… [Trump is the] worst bully in America.”