Los Angeles Lakers Must Keep Isaiah Thomas Away From The Media [Opinion]

Richard W. RodriguezAP Images

One has to ask if the Boston Celtics knew something the rest of us didn’t? What’s the real deal with Isaiah Thomas and his mouth? I get that he has a chip on his shoulder the size of Texas. However, those days should be gone by now after what he’s done in the last two seasons in the NBA. There should be no more animosity toward the teams who passed on him, yet his mouth has made more headlines than baskets this year. The Los Angeles Lakers better get a grip on this before it all blows up in their face.

Some will look at Thomas and label him a trash talker. This is how basketball is played. What Thomas has done this season is continue to worry about what used to be more than what is. His time with the Cleveland Cavaliers was all talk. From the moment he was cleared to play, it was his mouth at the center of attention instead of his game.

The Cavaliers were a veteran bunch who made it to three straight NBA Finals without Thomas. And yet, Thomas thought it was his job to come in and cause a little havoc to the team’s chemistry. It was Thomas who said the Cavaliers were not as focused on the defensive side as the Celtics were. It was also Thomas who went against Kevin Love by saying he didn’t believe the forward was sick during a game. And it was Thomas who cried to the media that he wasn’t at fault for some of the team’s issues.

His time with the Cavaliers was supposed to show the Celtics they made a huge error in trading him. But all it has done was provide Danny Ainge handshakes and pats on the back for a job well done.

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Now, in L.A., Thomas is up to his old ways, again. There were reports that Thomas would cause issues if he wasn’t going to be the starter once he arrived in Los Angeles. While Thomas has been mostly quiet since his arrival, he did stir up the pot again this week. Thomas, in an interview with ESPN, would go on to say that the Cavaliers were in panic mode when they traded him to the Lakers.

Even if that’s true and his words may have been taken out of context, this is one of those times where Thomas should just say nothing. Has he not learned that the media is fishing for a story? Does he not know they’re looking for someone to say that LeBron and the Cavaliers are the evil organization?

Thomas is a member of the Lakers now and must focus his energy toward what the Lakers are trying to accomplish this season. Forget the interviews and sound bites he loves to provide. He has to remember that he’s a free agent at the end of the year and no team, despite his small track record, will take on a head case.