‘Dragon Ball Super’ Major Spoilers: Goku Becomes Stronger Than Beerus And Other Gods Of Destruction [Opinion]

Dash ToriyamaFlickr/Cropped and Resized

Son Goku never fails to amaze the gods in the ongoing Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power. They first witnessed his incredible power during the exhibition match between Universe 7 and Universe 9 when he went Super Saiyan Blue plus Kaioken. However, that was just the start.

During his clash with Jiren, the mortal who’s believed to be stronger than a God of Destruction, Son Goku unleashed a power that even the gods cannot easily obtain – Ultra Instinct. After absorbing his own Genki Dama, Son Goku’s eyes turned silver and his speed and attack tremendously improved. He achieved the power for the second time when he knocked Kefla out of the battle royal arena.

As of now, only Jiren and Son Goku are left in the tournament. In the past episodes of Dragon Ball Super, the Universe 11 Pride Trooper holds the upper hand in terms of battle power. Son Goku somewhat managed to fight back when he used Ultra Instinct again. However, it was not enough to ultimately defeat the strongest mortal.

Fans will be needing to wait a little longer since Toei Animation decided to release Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 on March 4. However, they shared an extended preview of the episode in which, according to Comicbook, gave a significant hint at how Son Goku obtained the mastered Ultra Instinct.

The mastered Ultra Instinct is the transformation fans have been waiting for since the tournament started – Shirtless Son Goku with silver eyes and surrounded by a powerful aura. No one has any idea how powerful the mastered Ultra Instinct is. But I believe it’s a power that helps Son Goku become a mortal stronger than a God of Destruction like Jiren.

As we all know, Ultra Instinct is a technique that even gods can’t easily achieve. During their training, Whis told Vegeta and Son Goku about Ultra Instinct and revealed that Beerus hadn’t mastered the technique. With Son Goku unleashing mastered Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super Episode 129, we can conclude that he will surpass Beerus and other Gods of Destructions.

Beerus is believed to be one of the strongest Gods of Destructions. If Son Goku becomes stronger than him, it will give Universe 7 a higher chance of winning the Tournament of Power and the Super Dragon Balls.