Trump Holds His Composure As He’s Slammed By Governor On National TV [Opinion]

Evan VucciAP Images

It sounded rather snarky, that dig tossed at President Trump when such a serious conversation was on the table during the meeting of the nation’s governors on Monday. The Washington Governor took to the microphone today and aimed his sarcasm at Trump, leaving the perfect scenario for baited breath while waiting for Trump’s reaction. But when the President’s reaction emerged, it came as a surprise in this televised meeting today.

Trump touched on a few of the problems facing the nation today, and at the same time, he was rather informative when it came to the details. He painted a sad picture for the U.S. when talking about the unfair trading with other countries, which has been the norm through the last several administrations. While discussing importing American-made products, the former businessman discussed it in layman’s terms.

According to Trump’s speech to the governors of this nation, the U.S. has gotten the short end of the stick for quite some time when it comes to taxes and tariffs in trade deals. This is seen in the excerpts from his speech on Trump indicated that the Harley Davidson Company pays 100 percent tariff on each motorcycle they sell to India. But when it comes to the U.S. importing motorbikes from that country, the tariff is zero, “we get nothing” Trump told the governors. He talked about a recent phone call that he had with the Prime Minister of India who thought he was delivering good news to Trump.

The Prime Minister told Trump that they dropped the tariff to 75 percent, but when they worked on it a little more, they were able to drop it to 50 percent. Trump explained that the Prime Minister presented this as if Trump should be excited, but the President said he took a pause and then reminded the Prime Minister that the U.S. doesn’t receive a thing on the numerous motorbikes that come to this country from India.

He went on to explain how the business dealings that have gone on for decades have been unfair to the U.S. as well as the companies in the various states that are represented by the governors sitting in the room with him. Trump said, “we probably lost $504 billion last year to China. There is no fair trade for the U.S. going on with the countries we buy and sell products with,” suggested Trump. He also included our neighbors to the North, Canada, among the countries who benefit from the U.S. trade deals.

This part of Trump’s speech ended and the topic of school shootings was then a somber topic that Trump opened up for discussion. It appears no matter how many times Donald Trump and his representatives talk about putting guns in schools to offer a defensive method in keeping the nation’s children safe; it gets misconstrued.

Schools are a soft target today because there is nothing to stop these shooters from taking a risk. But by arming highly qualified individuals who work within the schools, this turns the school into a hard target for potential future shooters. With a sign stating this is an armed building, it may very well sway any possible shooter from entering. Most of the problems in hiring armed professionals for the school is the money; it would be astronomical to pay for cops with guns in every school.

But in almost every school there are resources already there that can be tapped into without much additional cost. Those resources are the people who are already well trained in gun use among the teachers, maintenance crews, and office administrators. Some of these people are retired from the military or law enforcement and working in schools. Others are people who have used guns their entire lives and are comfortable and well trained in weapons and their use.

Trump is not talking about giving every teacher in every school a gun. His idea, which is an idea that many Americans agree with today, is to have a very selective few carrying weapons within the school. As discussed at the Governors’ meeting today, those resources are already there. All that is needed is some training among this group that would involve the protocol of student safety, carrying guns, and firing guns in a school setting.

It could be a maintenance person who retired from the military or someone in the school’s office who is an expert on guns; these are the people that Trump has in mind for this arming the schools’ plan. Still, people relentlessly refer to this plan as Trump wanting to arm all the teachers. When Washington’s Governor Jay Inslee came to the microphone today and said he doesn’t like the idea of arming all the teachers he berated Trump at the same time with a zinger about tweeting. Inslee said he has spoken to teachers that don’t want to be armed.

He also told the President he has spoken with law enforcement members and he’s been told that law enforcement agencies and instructors are both alarmed by the idea of teachers “packing heat” around young children. What he said next was uncalled for, especially during a discussion as serious as guns in schools.

Flippantly, Inslee said, “So I just suggest we need a little less tweeting here, a little more listening. Let’s just take that off the table and move forward.” The Hill called this incident a “surprising confrontation.” Inslee, who is a Democrat, has been rumored as a possible challenger for Trump in the 2020 elections.

After that brazen “tweeting” remark that was aimed at Trump, some verbal retaliation from the President was expected, but that didn’t happen. Trump kept his composure and instead called on Texas Governor Greg Abbott who has used this method successfully in school districts in his state. He was asked to speak to Inslee’s comments.

It was a presidential presence that Donald Trump presented today, as he turned the other cheek and very professionally asks Abbot to address Inslee’s remarks. Despite some reports citing Trump and Inslee in a “televised clash” at this meeting, as Seattle Times described, Trump held his composure through the zinger Inslee sent his way.

Some social media user described Trump as “crossing his arms” and “pouting” after Inslee’s rather childish confrontation, but not many mentioned just how composed Trump remained on that podium after being blindsided with that tweeting dig by Inslee. Supporters of Inslee saw him as a hero for standing up to Trump. Some sang his praises for doing so, as the tweets below indicate.

No matter what Inslee thought of Trump or his plan, this was a venue for discussion, not to dismiss Trump’s ideas condescendingly and then throw a dig at the President about his tweeting. Not everyone saw Inslee as a hero, as seen in the tweets below.