The Green Bay Packers Should Make A Push For Trey Burton Of The Eagles [Opinion]

The Philadelphia Eagles just won Super Bowl LII and with that comes changes. Every team outside of Philadelphia will take a look at the Eagles’ roster and see what they have to offer. Who are the free agents available and who are the players set to hit the trade block? For years, this has been the case with the New England Patriots and others but now, the Eagles will feel the burn. One player, in particular, Trey Burton is free to walk and the Green Bay Packers just might be the perfect landing spot for the tight end.

In 2017, the Packers, much like the Eagles, used a TE by committee approach. However, unlike the Eagles, they had no real success. The Packers began the year with Martellus Bennett then finished with Lance Kendricks and Richard Rodgers. Even with Aaron Rodgers throwing bullets (before injury), the Packers’ TE’s only accounted for 54 receptions for 596 yards and two touchdowns. Needless to say, changes must be made.

Burton, buried behind Zack Ertz and Brent Celek on the Eagles’ depth chart, managed to catch 23 passes for 248 yards and five touchdowns in 2017. Not a drastic improvement from what the Packers have, however, Trey Burton was the third TE on the Eagles roster. Imagine what he would be able to do as the primary player at the position paired with Rodgers.

What’s been lacking in the Packers’ offense has been that steady production from the TE position. The Packers’ ground game has suffered for many reasons, however, by adding a pass catching TE, basically, in the same mold as Ertz and Jimmy Graham, the Packers’ offense could be something special in 2018.

Burton, which according to ESPN may be done in Philly, fits into what the Packers like to do on offense. With a quarterback like Rodgers, Burton could be used the same way Graham was with Drew Brees in New Orleans. Trey Burton’s game is geared toward more of a wide receiver with his speed than a blocking TE.

Even with the lack of production from their TE’s, the Packers still targeted them 85 times this season. If Trey Burton can get the amount of targets Ertz, Graham, and Gronkowski receives, then there is no reason not to believe he can’t be mentioned among the All-Pro players. Trey Burton is a special kind of talent who can help the Packers keep defenses honest.

If the Packers are looking for that one player to put them over the top, Trey Burton is their guy.