Chris Tucker Should Push Back ‘Rush Hour 4’ And Get With Ice Cube For Another ‘Friday’ Movie [Opinion]

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According to IGN, There will be a Rush Hour 4 coming our way soon. That’s great news, but fans of Chris Tucker really want more. The Rush Hour franchise was good for their first three movies; however, the paring of Tucker and Jackie Chan is not the same as Tucker and Ice Cube. Where is the final installment of the popular Friday movies we’ve been waiting for?

Friday was released in 1995 and would go on to gross $27 million at the box office. With such success, New Line had to request Ice Cube to make sequels. The issue with that was, Chris Tucker and his famous character, Smokey was nowhere to be found in either of the two sequels. According to Vlad TV, Tucker joked that Cube didn’t pay him for his role in the first movie and that’s the reason why he hasn’t done another one. Even with that in mind, Ice Cube teased fans with Last Friday and even said he wrote Tucker’s Smokey into the script. But that movie has yet to get off the production room floor.

While another Rush Hour would not be the worst movie to be made, fans are still waiting for the green light for Smokey to return to the role that made him a household name in the black community. There’s nothing against Day-Day or Deebo, but it was Smokey who stole the show in the original Friday.

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It’s been over 20 years and fans still get a laugh from his character. It’s moments like that which are lost in today’s cinematic world. How many Smokey lines can you recite off the top of your heard in 10 seconds? There were so many but two of my favorites will always be, “You got knocked the f*** out” and “How you get fired on your day off”? Smokey just wasn’t a character in a film to most, he was the guy from the neighborhood who kept us laughing when all else was going wrong in our lives.

While Detective Carter is smooth, funny, and full of spunk, he’s still no Smokey. In Hollywood, no actor or actress ever wants to be typecast but this is not the case where Tucker is concerned. He’s a comedian, he was set to become the next Eddie Murphy and in his absence, Kevin Hart took the mantle. We will always question how funny Friday After Next and Next Friday would have been if Tucker was involved.

I’m all for Rush Hour 4, but I would prefer to see Last Friday first.