Donald Trump Is Selling A Lie On Gun Control, And He Thinks You Are Dumb Enough To Buy It [Opinion]

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President Donald Trump delivered a rousing speech to supporters at yesterday’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland. To cheers from the crowd, Trump told conference delegates that Democrats would take away citizens’ Second Amendment rights to bear arms. To rapturous applause, President Trump told the crowd that Democrats spend their time “fighting for the criminal.” In his speech, published in full by Vox, Trump called the NRA “great people, and great patriots.” Trump claimed that “there is nobody that loves the Second Amendment more than I do,” and he repeated the tired cliche that the answer to America’s school shooting epidemic is more guns in schools.

The picture is clear, President Donald Trump wants your kids to be taught by gun-toting teachers. Trump claims that teachers carrying concealed firearms would stop “the crazy man” who walks into a school with an assault rifle intent on causing death and destruction. The problem is that Donald Trump is selling a lie. He is repeating the simply crazy notion that the answer to gun crime is more guns.

There is an old saying that “he who pays the piper calls the tune.” Well, Donald Trump is the piper, and the NRA is calling the tune. Trump wants you to believe the NRA’s line that the only way to stop “bad people with guns” is to have more “good people with guns.” It is nonsense, disingenuous, and frankly, farcical. It is beyond the pale, even for this president.

Let’s face some facts. As reported by Bustle in the wake of the massacre in Las Vegas last year, there has been an occasional incident where an armed bystander intervened in a firearms incident. Many would applaud that. However, there is not a single documented case of an armed civilian intervening to positive effect in any of America’s mass shooting.

Donald Trump NRA Gun control lies
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Mass shootings are almost unique to the United States, there are thousands of examples, and not once has an armed civilian intervened. If we take the most horrible recent example of last week’s horrific slaughter of 17 innocents at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, armed police officers were on the scene and did nothing to stop the killings.

Law Enforcement Officers Failed To Respond At Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

As reported by Fox News, President Trump branded Deputy Scot Peterson, who was outside the school whilst the shooting was in progress, as a “coward” for failing to intervene. According to the Daily Mail, three further sheriff deputies have been criticized by a Florida police department for “cowering behind their cars” and for refusing to enter the school whilst the shooting was underway.

These were trained law enforcement officers who carried firearms every day of their working lives, and yet they failed to respond to their training. These trained officers failed to protect those they are sworn to serve. Does anyone really believe that a teacher with little firearms training will respond to tackle an attacker armed with an assault rifle? First instinct in a situation such as this is self-preservation, not to turn into a real-life version of Rambo to take down the attacker.

Donald Trump talks as a man who has never seen the business end of a firearm. As a man whose biggest risk is sustaining a paper cut, Trump has no idea how people react to a dangerous and life-threatening situation. Trump is selling you a lie, and he thinks you are dumb enough to buy it.

School Shootings Are A Problem Almost Unique To America, And The Only Answer is Gun Control

It is an uncomfortable fact that mass shootings are virtually unique to the USA. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there have been at least 273 school shootings since Sandy Hook. In the five years since those awful events, the United States has seen 20 times more school shootings than the rest of the world combined. In Europe, there have been just three school shootings since 2012. There have been none in Australia or New Zealand; South America and Asia have just one each. Africa has suffered three school shooting attacks.

That means just eight school shootings in the entire world in over five years, compared with at least 273 in the United States. Of those attacks, three were mass attacks by Islamist terrorist groups, leaving just five attacks of the “lone-wolf” nature so common in the United States. The reason for the lack of attacks elsewhere is as plain as the nose on your face. Attitudes to gun control elsewhere are very different to those in the USA.

Donald Trump NRA Gun control lies
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No one should suggest that Donald Trump’s policies on gun control are responsible for these attacks. The problem was prevalent long before Trump came to office. However, Trump does have the ability to grasp the nettle. Like many presidents before him, Donald Trump does have the ability to enact legislation to stop, or at least restrict, access to the sorts of weapons so often used in these terrible attacks.

What Donald Trump didn’t tell you in his speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference is that virtually every mass shooting in the United States has been perpetrated by someone who had perfectly legal access to firearms. President Trump could introduce measures to ensure strict checks for those seeking access to assault rifles. He can introduce background checks to ensure that those with mental health problems don’t have ease of access to firearms.

The sad thing is that he is unlikely to do so because, as reported by The Guardian, the NRA pours too much money into ensuring that politicians who support their view on the use of firearms are elected. As reported by Metro, the NRA donated at least $21 million to Trump’s election campaign. Whilst the NRA is able to buy the votes of politicians with campaign money, nothing will change. Donald Trump will not bite the hand that feeds him, and politicians will continue to support the NRA’s position on gun control for as long as the NRA’s blood money continues to boost their coffers.