Kate Middleton Endured Years Of Ostracizing, But Meghan Markle Fast-Tracked Through Media Goop [Opinion]


You wouldn’t know by the reception Kate Middleton gets from the public today that she was once ostracised in the tabloids and by the many people who seemed to think she was not the right bride for Prince William. Kate even endured her family being chastised years ago and accused of using their daughter’s affiliation with the royal family to drum in the business to their family-owned online party products website. The soon-to-be wife of Prince William endured this for a few years, but today she is one of the most admired celebrities in the world.

Meghan Markle did not have an easy time of it when it was first announced that she was to be the future bride of Prince Harry. Just like Kate, Meghan wasn’t exactly met with open arms by the masses at first. Once Kate married, she grew into the sweetheart of the U.K. as the wife of William, but it looks like Meghan may have gotten a jump-start.

The headlines were so ruthless when it came to Meghan last year that Prince Harry stepped forward to say that he has never witnessed such a “degree of pressure, scrutiny, and harassment” from the media, according to The Guardian. Harry was referring to the “racial overtones” used in the media. Meghan was even bashed a bit by her own half-sister when the news broke of their engagement. Her sister painted Meghan as selfish and told reporters, “Her behavior is certainly not fitting of a Royal Family member,” as described a few months back by The Sun.

It is almost as if the British public has a tendency to protect William and Harry, who lost their mother in such a tragic way when they were still quite young. Back in 2010, before Kate and William became engaged, Kate wasn’t seen with William in public for about three months. At that time the Daily Mail reported how “senior courtiers have expressed concerns that Kate, who watched most of her girlfriends start families, could be the next Camilla.” Kate was the topic of humiliating headlines back then.

Even though Camilla was Charles’ long-time sweetheart, the two reportedly could not marry, which was said to have broken her heart. For a while there, back when Kate and William had dated for so long, the rumors suggested she’d follow the path Camilla was put on. But that wasn’t the case.

Kate and William weren’t married yet when they moved in together on the island of Anglesey, which is in Wales. They rented a home at that location because it was near where William was stationed during his search and rescue pilot training. The two living together before marriage came with much discussion because William was a member of the royal family. They were “road-testing” married life at the time, friends said.

The issue of cohabitation slowly waned and the royals accepted this, according to an article from the Washington Post back in 2011. Today it has not been a problem for Meghan and Prince Harry who are living together in a cottage on the palace grounds. According to Hollywood Life, the queen had no objection to Harry and Meghan living together as long as they were committed to eventually marrying.

William was Kate’s boyfriend for eight years, and after a while, she got the nickname of “Waity Katie” because they dated so long without William popping the question, according to another archived article from the Daily Mail. Then there were the rumors that Kate was very upset when William first broke the news that he had committed the next seven years to the RAF when he signed up. This was back in 2008 and things seemed strained between the couple for a while.

During his first 18-month RAF training period, Kate learned that she wouldn’t be seeing very much of William, which reportedly didn’t sit well with Kate. Prince William and Prince Harry both went on a motorcycle rally across Africa and Kate was noticeably missing at their farewell party. The tabloids had a field day with Kate, but she endured everything thrown at her at the time.

It is almost as if she paved the way for Meghan, who was also slammed in headlines as tabloids took her half-sister’s claims and ran with it. They talked about the “divorcee” who wanted to be a princess, but the majority of that negativity quickly dissipated in the headlines. Today many of the headlines that have to do with Meghan are rather kind and uplifting, much like they are for Kate. Meghan did not have to weather this media storm as long as Kate did and it might very well be that Kate inadvertently taught folks somewhat of a lesson.

Today Kate is seen as the epitome of a loving wife and mother and as someone who is an advocate for those less fortunate. Kate is also considered quite the asset to the royal family, as she seemed to be that breath of fresh air they needed, much like how Diana was seen by the people of the nation. Despite all the negativity of yesteryear, Kate bloomed into a woman who, like Princess Diana, brings nothing but pride to the folks in the U.K. today. Maybe the naysayers realize they were wrong about Kate and are now willing to give Meghan a path for smooth sailing as she gets ready to take her place inside the royal family.