Billy Graham’s Death Predicted To Inspire A New Harvest In Evangelism [Opinion]

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Billy Graham’s death shook the Christian community and the world yesterday as people awoke to the sad news, but amid the grief, many of the faithful recalled a prophecy of great hope for the Christian faith. Kim Clement predicted that the death of Billy Graham and Oral Roberts would usher in a new era of faith, salvation, and miracles.

Billy Graham was an iconic Christian leader, and the minister to “a dozen presidents,” who preached to “215 million people in 185 countries” according to NBC. In his near century of life, Billy Graham’s influence was great. Passing at 8 a.m. on a Wednesday morning, the 99-year-old evangelist left the world with a great legacy but also a huge mantle to carry.

Though Billy Graham’s son Franklin Graham has in many ways taken up his father’s mantle, much as Oral Roberts’ son Robert Roberts has, those two great men, Oral Roberts and Billy Graham, both born in 1918, remain irreplaceable. Still, Kim Clement’s prophecy infers it will be a great body of Christians, not a few individuals, who will rise up to preach the gospel in this coming era.

Kim Clement says Billy Graham’s greatest harvest is yet to come. Billy Graham planted the seeds of faith in hundreds of millions through television, radio, video, books, and extensive travel. Still, it remains for future evangelists to reap the greater harvest according to Kim Clement’s words recorded on Elijah List.

“A release of the gift of Faith has been given to the people of God. In the death of Billy Graham and Oral Roberts, a veil shall be torn that shall bring evangelism to the earth as never before.”

Oral Roberts preceded Billy Graham in death, passing in 2009, and Kim Clement himself died in 2016. Still, the words of these great men are recorded, and so returning to Kim Clement’s prophecy on the death of Billy Graham and Oral Roberts, Clement foretold that in the coming era evangelism would spill out into the streets and marketplaces.

“‘A departure of great men that shall release an acceleration upon this nation and the church, who shall see the Lord in a way, and salvation shall be the order of the day in streets, in factories, on buses, on trains, and in planes. God says, “I’m about to take over the marketplace, and you are the people that shall bring this to pass,’ says the Lord.”

Billy Graham's son Franklin Graham
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Though the loss of Billy Graham and Oral Roberts has a tremendous impact on Christianity, Graham and Roberts’ message will continue to convert throngs of new Christians and inspire a new breed of evangelists, many of whom will be African Americans according to Kim Clement, though Clement does not in any way exclude other races from this great calling.

“A generation of African Americans, shall rise up, and they shall preach; they shall preach with a style that has never been heard before. They shall be the perpetrators and the creators of a brand new soul spirit sound, that shall reach the unreachable and touch the untouchable.”

There was a lot on YouTube about Clement’s prophecy concerning the passing of Billy Graham and Oral Roberts today and of an echoing prophecy from Benny Hinn described on Z3 News. Many Christians expressed feeling a unique call in the wake of Billy Graham’s passing. Marcus Rogers expresses that calling better than most in the video below. Marcus’ passion is palatable.

Kim Clement also predicted that following the death of Billy Graham and Oral Roberts, a new generation of children will be swept into Christianity.

“They tried to remove the children’s heart; the children’s prayer,” but God says, “I’m going to restore prayer into the hearts of the children.”

The spirit of Billy Graham and Oral Roberts left behind a powerful mantle, just as Elijah left his mantle for Elisha, who received a double portion of Elijah’s power. Now Billy Graham’s mantle awaits, and perhaps if each Christian just takes up a scrap, a thread, or a hem of that mantle the gospel will go forth as never before.

Billy Graham and Oral Roberts have gone on, but Roberts and Graham’s work remains for the Body of Christ and the Army of God.