‘Black Panther’ Proves That Iron Man And Captain America May Die In ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ [Opinion]

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With Marvel set to drop Avengers: Infinity War on May 4, fans are left to wonder who, if any Avengers will die. If Infinity War were to take their cue straight from the comics, then fans will be in for a heart-wrenching last two films. While I was one to believe they wouldn’t go this route due to the fanfare for the main characters, Black Panther turned my beliefs around.

How could Marvel kill off two of their biggest stars was the question I kept asking myself? But then it hit me after watching the Black Panther movie. Yes, Captain America and Iron Man are central figures and killing them would cause great grief, however, Marvel has plans in place for when/if that happens.

Thanks to the heroes of Black Panther, such a loss will not hurt the Avengers moving forward.

Tony Stark is the brain and financial force behind the Avengers. It’s his technology that keeps the team up-to-date, and it’s his money that allows the Avengers the freedom to do whatever. But with the technology provided by Wakanda due to the genius of Shuri, the Avengers will be left in great hands. Also, with Stark being the sole provider in terms of financial support, T’Challa is a king with a fortune at his disposal and a country backing him. These are things Stark does not have. While Stark is rich, smart, and battle-tested as Iron Man, adding T’Challa, Shuri, and their intelligence with unlimited funds and warriors could very well put the Avengers in better shape than they were with Stark leading the way.

Then we have Captain America. By all accounts, he’s the best leader of the Avengers, according to CBR. However, if Steve Rodgers were to fall at the hands of Thanos as expected, then all is not lost. There was a scene at the end of Captian America: Civil War where Iron Man told Cap he did not deserve the shield anymore. Instead of debating, Cap threw the shield down and walked away with the Winter Soldier. The after credits scene in Civil War was one of Cap and Bucky in Wakanda, where T’Challa was set to help Bucky clear the demons in his head.

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But there’s more to that story than meets the eye. Remember how advanced the tech is in Wakanda? Now think back to Bucky’s missing arm and the vibranium that’s on Wakanda. Yes, the same vibranium that Cap’s shield is made from. What if Shuri were to give Bucky a new arm made of the same vibranium? Sounds minute, but this is huge moving forward. If Cap were to die, Bucky would be the perfect replacement for his friend. Think about the similarities. They both are loyal, great fighters, military men, and benefit from vibranium. Cap had the shield while Bucky will have the arm. To add more to the intrigue is the fact that Bucky and Shuri were seen together during the end credit scene of Black Panther, where Shuri told Bucky he had more to learn. What could that be? Maybe it was his new arm.

As a fan of the Avengers, I would hate to see either Captain America or Iron Man die, however, if there were to die, the future of the Avengers would be in good hands. While Black Panther has been the new crave for Marvel, fans may have missed the subtle hints that two of our favorite characters may very well die in Avengers: Infinity Wars.