Jenelle Evans Should Take David Eason’s Firing Seriously And Leave ‘Teen Mom 2’ [Opinion]

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Jenelle Evans handled a recent situation badly, as she decided to fight back against her Teen Mom 2 co-stars by doing a tell-all interview. While the interview allowed her to share her story, it seems the interview just resulted in a major backlash. As Kailyn Lowry later tweeted, Jenelle did nothing but give another podcast some great ratings, as she had promised to spill the beans about various behind-the-scenes secrets. But after the interview, fans started slamming Jenelle and her husband, David Eason. Eason, who just opened a Twitter account last week, decided to tweet some horrible things about transgender parents and homosexuals. His account disappeared, and Jenelle deactivated hers.

As it turns out, David Eason isn’t getting special treatment when it comes to MTV. When the network heard about the incident, they decided to fire him. Late last night, MTV announced that they were cutting ties with David Eason, but the network said nothing about what they were planning on doing with Evans. If David has a say, he would probably want her to leave Teen Mom 2 behind. He has already been critical of the network once before, as he doesn’t appreciate how he has been portrayed on the show.

Of course, Jenelle Evans appears to be stuck here. It may come down to her picking between her job with MTV with her large paycheck and her husband. If MTV doesn’t want anything to do with Eason, then Jenelle may not want to film with the network. If she does choose to film with the network, her story won’t be truthful. She will be hiding a huge part of her life and fans will criticize her for hiding things with David. While David may still be on the show, he won’t be paid for it. MTV hasn’t revealed whether they will cut him out of all scenes going forward.

Jenelle Evans should see this incident as her cue to exit Teen Mom 2. She has often said how the network and the fans have mistreated her. If she goes back to the show after her husband gets fired, then nothing will keep her from the show and the money. If she loves her husband and respects him, then he may ask her to quit the show. Fans are curious to see what she chooses, but if she wants to maintain some form of dignity, this may be the time to exit the franchise. She has already lost the respect of her co-stars and also lost a few business deals. It may be better to leave now before she’s pushed out by the network.