Disney Myths – Fact Or Fiction: Toy Story Characters Drop To The Ground If You Yell ‘Andy’s Coming’ [Opinion]

There are numerous myths and so-called urban legends in Disney history, but the majority of them are only around thanks to the creation of the internet and social media. Then again, there are some which have a bit of truth behind them and may actually be a part of reality. For instance, there is the idea that Toy Story characters in the Disney parks will actually fall down and lie still if a guest yells “Andy’s coming!” at them.

But, will they?

Right now, there are not a lot of options to meet characters from the Toy Story franchise at Disneyland or Walt Disney World, but more will be coming. Toy Story Land is opening this summer at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Pixar Pier is opening at Disney California Adventure, and that’s just asking for guests to get all the Pixar fun they can handle.

Still, there are those who wonder if some of the things they have read online are really true. A recent conversation in the Facebook group “I’m So Disney” asked if the Toy Story characters still fall to the ground and act as if they’re not real whenever a guest yells “Andy’s coming.”

Andy is the kid who was their owner in the Toy Story movies before he went off to college. Now, is this a part of Disney lore that is fact or pure fiction?

The above meme is where it all started and it has had people trying it at different Disney parks ever since. The only problem is that no matter how many times you say it, the characters are not going to drop down because it simply doesn’t happen anymore.

There are actually many versions of this story if you look through different websites or on social media. Some will say the original picture was staged and a one-time occurrence. Others will state it used to happen, but it was squashed quickly.

Either way, Disney has put a halt to this whole thing and just about as fast as it actually started or almost started. The main thing here is the safety of the cast members/characters as falling down to the ground repeatedly isn’t a good thing for anyone to do, as reported by Snopes.

Also, being on the ground constantly doesn’t really help the costumes of the characters. Hitting the ground over and over again would make them very dirty and could easily tear holes in the material which is an additional cost that no one wants.

As for the cast members at the Disney parks?

Ever since this whole meme and idea started going around, cast members have had to deal with it constantly. Buzz Lightyear meets at Magic Kingdom. Buzz and Woody meet together over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. In that same park, the Green Army Men wander around Pixar Place as well.

If a guest does yell “Andy’s coming!” at the characters, the cast members will say something like, “Andy’s gone away to college.” The Green Army Men will salute or look off into the distance to search for Andy and then shrug their shoulders.

No matter how you look at it, how much sense does it make for the characters to do the same freeze motion every 30 seconds for each guest?

Oh, some people think they can circumvent the system by using the happenings at the end of Toy Story 3. That is when Andy went off to college and gave his beloved toys to Bonnie, and this leads to guests yelling “Bonnie’s coming,” but it gets the same result…nothing.

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Yelling “Andy’s coming!” at Toy Story characters to get them to fall and freeze: FICTION

There are so many different things to do at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, and it would be very difficult to become bored. With that being said, there really is no need to yell anything at Toy Story characters to see if they’ll react in a certain way, even though it would be quite fun. It’s just one of those things that did happen at one time but has been done away with, and that makes it a “half-myth” of sorts.

At least there will be no need to worry about it once Toy Story Land opens on June 30. Guests will “shrink down” to the size of a toy and play in Andy’s backyard, so, if anyone needs to freeze and fall down, it will be everyone.