Barron Trump Rides In His Own Secret Service Vehicle, Why Not With The Rest Of His Family? [Opinion]

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Barron Trump rode in his own Secret Service vehicle Monday afternoon, joining his parents who had ridden from Mar-a-Lago to the Palm Beach International Airport without him, the Daily Mail is reporting. That raises the question: why didn’t the Trumps’ 11-year-old son ride in the same car as his parents?

The Background

The curious incident happened Monday afternoon, as the Trump family were leaving Mar-a-Lago following a long weekend off and heading back to the White House. It seems to have been something of a mini family reunion, as Barron’s half-brothers Donald Jr. and Eric were there, too, along with his their wives and children, as well as half-sister Tiffany. Half-sister Ivanka appears to have skipped the family reunion.

As the family’s motorcade arrived at Palm Beach International Airport (a distance of about five miles, according to Google Maps), Donald and Melania stepped out of their own SUV, which arrived first, followed by Barron in his own car a few seconds later. Then the young man, dressed in khaki pants, a red full-sleeved shirt, and red-and-grey New Balance shoes, rushed up the staircase onto Air Force One, where his father paused for a few seconds to let Barron go ahead of him.

barron trump didn't ride with his parents
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Why Didn’t Barron Ride With His Parents?

That the minor child of a president would ride in his own vehicle, instead of in the same vehicle as his parents, is indeed rather strange, raising the question of why such a thing was allowed to take place.

One possible explanation is that, at 11, Barron is at an age where children start to assert their independence and put distance between themselves and their parents. He could have simply not thought it was “cool” to ride in the car with his parents if he didn’t have to. Plus, he’s an 11-year-old boy, and riding by yourself in a Secret Service Limo is at once indescribably cool and a once-in-a-lifetime event.

However, beyond that, the Trump family has been dogged by rumors of unhappiness for most of the Trump presidency. Those rumors have gone into overdrive ever since news broke that adult-film actress Stormy Daniels claims to have had an affair with Donald Trump just months after Barron was born.

In fact, by some accounts Melania’s supposed unhappiness is visible. According to a December 2015 AOL News report, Melania’s body language — for example, appearing to slap away her husband’s hand on more than one occasion — does not portray an image of a woman who is happy in her marriage.

Of course, no one truly knows what is going on inside of the Trump family except for the Trump family, and there’s not much that can be gleaned from reading too much into a single five-minute car ride.