New York Jets Are Crazy To Guarantee Kirk Cousins And His Sub .500 Record $60 Million [Opinion]

Bill KostrounAP Images

The New York Jets’ front office continues to find ways to make themselves the laughingstock of the NFL. Last season, there was hope for the Jets before quarterback Josh McCown went down with an injury. The Jets would finish the year 5-11 but the future was bright. With the news that Kirk Cousins will become available, either by trade or free agency, the Jets have made it clear they will do whatever it takes to get Cousins in Metlife Stadium according to New York Post. Yes, anything does include the guarantee of the entire $60 million in the first year.

I have to hand it to the Jets. It takes a bold move to win but this is absolutely insane. On the outside, it sounds good. However, after a little brainstorming, this is a huge mistake. Cousins is one of the better quarterbacks on the market, but is he worth $30 million+ per? No. I get that’s the going rate for quarterbacks today thanks to the insane money the 49ers just put down for Jimmy Garoppolo and his seven wins as a starting quarterback. With a QB-deep draft, this is an issue the Jets must be careful about leapfrogging into.

What has to be on the Jets mind is if they won’t pay Cousins, someone else will. If that’s the case then that should be okay with them. No need to promise someone the future only to be stuck like the Browns were with Brock Osweiler.

What the Jets must consider is why the Redskins are giving up on Cousins in the first place. Look at his record over the course of his career. Cousins has gone just 26-30-1 and has never won more than nine games in a season. I can understand why the Jets are willing to do this as the AFC East is short on good signal callers and with Tom Brady’s career winding down, this is the chance to make a move. But to tell Cousins and the world he can have whatever is a bit over the top, even for the Jets.

Let’s also take into account that Cousins has never thrown for 30 touchdowns in a season. In his three full seasons as a starter, he’s thrown double-digit interceptions in each. His completion percentage stands at 65.5, however, that’s been on a decline in the last three years. Once again, please think why the Redskins decided to go with Alex Smith instead of a younger Cousins?

Yes, Cousins has thrown for 4,000+ yards or more in his three full seasons. However, the Redskins have only made the playoffs just once during that span. It’s understandable that the Jets will have a ton of cap space available but wouldn’t it be wise to go after a player like Nick Foles of the Philadelphia Eagles? Yes, the Eagles will want draft picks in return. However, the Jets will at least have a Super Bowl-winning quarterback whose proven he can win the big one against stiff competition compared to a quarterback known to struggle in big games.

The NFL is a business, but it’s also a sport where risk management is often ignored. For once, the Jets must take their time and think this through before they make such a deal. Cousins is good but is he 10-game winning good? In all honesty, the Jets will be paying for a quarterback to lead them somewhere said quarterback has never led before.

How often will you see a quarterback fresh off a Super Bowl victory possibly hit the market, and yet a team in need looks the other way? At some point, the Jets must look past the name and focus on the production.