Celebrity Big Brother: Omarosa Is Not A Feminist [Opinion]

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Ever since she entered the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition house, Omarosa Manigault-Newman has worked very hard to create the narrative that she is somewhat of a feminist and an uplifter of all things woman. But if recent reports about her from Piers Morgan, fellow former cast member of the Apprentice, are correct, her actions aren’t aligned with that narrative. Piers Morgan has gone on the talk show circuit to reveal some of his own personal truths about Omarosa, and has also penned an essay on Omarosa for the Daily Mail.

There are no pretty words about Omarosa from Piers Morgan. He has become somewhat famous for having controversial opinions. But if even a kernel of things that he has said about Omarosa is true, she can never be called a feminist or champion of all things woman again.

For example, in his essay in the Daily Mail, of which he is the editor, Piers Morgan has accused Omarosa of looking for ways to sleep her way to the top, or to sleep with whomever she could, as a means of making more money. This is not behavior that would be applauded by the founders of the women’s movement of days of yore.

Piers Morgan appeared on many shows to discuss this essay. On Fox News, he characterized her using words that would not be aligned with the feminist movement.

“She’s squealing like a canary…whose only reason d’etre is to be a poisonous little viper spreading gossip, innuendo, and terrorizing everyone in her wake….It’s almost beyond parody….I’ve known him a long time. I have a lot of respect for Donald Trump, but I’m afraid with Omarosa, this made no sense at the time….She’s apparently achieved absolutely nothing.”

Piers Morgan predicts that the career path for Omarosa after Big Brother: Celebrity Edition is a book, a documentary series, and perhaps a Lifetime movie, on what she has to say about her time in the White House or the Big Brother house. If her narratives in the Big Brother house are any indication, it is also anticipated that her tell-alls or docu-series will be a created narrative chronicling her championship for women.

That would be a short book. Piers Morgan is accurate when he says she has not accomplished much beyond appearing on reality television shows.

Transcripts of the live feed from the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition house have caught Omarosa saying a lot about women and how they need to unite, and how she wants a woman to win. But people watching the feeds are watching what Omarosa does, and not what she says.

Piers Morgan’s bitterness with Omarosa Manigault is not exactly unbiased. He says when they appeared on The Apprentice ten years ago, she allegedly approached him for a relationship, and when he declined she reportedly said he must be gay. In his essay in the Daily Mail on the subject, Morgan said the following.

“I’ve met a lot of vile human beings in my life, from dictators to terrorists to sex abusers and wicked con men. But I’ve never met anyone quite so relentlessly loathsome as Omarosa, a vicious, duplicitous, lying, conniving, backstabbing piece of work.”

It is true that someone can be loathsome and still be a feminist. But sleeping your way to the top is the antithesis of the feminist movement. Piers Morgan has accused Omarosa of this and said she even wanted to make money in the process.

This is not difficult to believe, given one of her reality television credits is The Ultimate Merger. That was a show about hooking up in relationships and making money at the same time.

He says when she asked him for a showmance on The Apprentice, she said the following.

“You know, a romance on the show – we get it on together. Happens all the time on Apprentice. Everyone has sex together. Then we can make lots of money out of it.”

When her alleged advances were rebuffed, Piers Morgan says Omarosa then “turned on him like a viper.”

There are not many available confirmations to validate whether or not “everyone” on The Apprentice was having “sex together.” But we do know that one contestant, Summer Zervos, has accused Donald Trump of groping her during her time on The Apprentice. The Washington Post calls her the “Trump accuser that refuses to go away.

Donald Trump has called Summer Zervos a liar and she has since filed a defamation suit against him. Gloria Allred is representing Summer Zervos and is an actual feminist.

But in the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition house, Omarosa is painting herself as a feminist. She hasn’t actually used that word, but is always talking about how women need to band together, and “unite.” The audience sometimes refers to it as a “mixed message.”

These are not behaviors that would be recommended by the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt or Susan B. Anthony if they were able to comment on these stories today.

Omarosa is still sequestered in the Big Brother house, and reportedly has no access to news breaks, television, or her smartphone. So she has not had the opportunity to respond to these allegations of Piers Morgan and does not even know what they are at this point of the game. It’s worth noting that it’s kind of a sneaky thing for Piers Morgan to do, to come out with these claims when it is literally impossible for her to respond.

But even so, it’s not just these things about her that prove she is not a feminist or guardian angel to the women’s movement.

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Just before Christmas 2017 is when Omarosa stopped working at the White House. She says she resigned, but multiple sources say otherwise. White House correspondent April Ryan tweeted about circumstances surrounding the Omarosa departure.

Since then, the Guardian reports that Omarosa has denied all of that. She has also denied allegations that, before her exit, she tried to “enter the residence to see Donald Trump,” according to The Guardian.

Where the kernel of truth is in any of that remains to be seen. However, a long list of folks has left the White House since Donald Trump became president. Omarosa Manigault-Newman is the only one that’s been accused of trying to enter the residence.

And who could forget The Ultimate Merger? This was The Bachelor, business-style, with Omarosa Manigault-Newman and Donald Trump at the helm. The New York Daily News describes it as a “series of business and relationship related challenges” wherein, in 2010, Omarosa was picking from bachelors to date. She was getting dating advice from Donald Trump at the time.

The men on the show were literally “competing for her affection.” This is not how feminists get dates.

A primary tenet of first wave feminism in the United States in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century was about women moving against the notion that they were owned by their husbands. Additionally, Biography notes that Florence Nightingale was an impressive icon of the feminist movement when in 1854 she moved to have women nurses as key military personnel.

Since then, two waves of feminism have appeared in historical threads.

Today in pop culture, a woman named Omarosa is known for getting dating advice from Donald Trump in a dating show that includes business transactions. This is not feminism. Here’s a look at the trailer for The Ultimate Merger.

But even Omarosa’s fellow houseguests in the Big Brother house concur with the courts of public opinion. Many in the house hold the consensus, “Don’t believe anything Omarosa says.” The court of public opinion doesn’t believe much of what she says either, with some even believing she faked an asthma attack on television.

Omarosa has since used that asthma attack, and the fact that she was “in the hospital hooked up to an IV” to personally attack another woman in the house, Shannon Elizabeth, at a recent nomination ceremony.

And many in the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition audience aren’t buying what Omarosa is selling. They are supporting the narrative that Piers Morgan is selling, which appears to be that Omarosa is an opportunist.

The audience is saying watch what she does, not what she says. Her words about uplifting women fail to convince many real feminists watching the show because her words and her actions are not aligned.

The women’s movement is generally and theoretically considered to consist of three waves, starting in the mid-eighteenth century and into today. Each wave fought for the same things, equality and legal protection for women. Hoping a woman wins Big Brother: Celebrity Edition is not a feminist action.

Fighting for women to be contributing members of society at equal rates to men is feminism. Omarosa has not done this. A true feminist would not hope out loud for a woman to win the game. She would hope the woman does better than the men and is given the same equal playing field as an opportunity to do so.

Feminism is not about “women rock.” It is about equality for women. Saying that women are better than men is not feminism. That is sexism.

Whether one believes Piers Morgan’s claims or not is not the issue when discerning the level of feminism that Omarosa Manigault is or isn’t. Feminism is a lot of things. It is a movement ranging centuries and includes actions ranging from women moving away from patriarchal husbands, to fighting for their rights to vote in presidential elections, to fighting for equal pay today.

Omarosa has done nothing for women. She’s accomplished nothing at all, and that is an inarguable point made by Piers Morgan. She is a reality television star now, that is all.

Additionally, no matter what Piers Morgan says, we can never forget that the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition star Omarosa Manigault-Newman once got dating advice from Donald Trump. She received this advice in a situation where dating and relationships were included in business transactions.

Feminists cringe at this. Omarosa Manigault-Newman of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition is not a feminist.