Can The United Nations Designate The NRA As A Terrorist Organization? [Opinion]

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Terrorism in the United States is on the rise, and those who have been hit the worst are children and teenagers who have been gunned down in school rampages. To make matters worse, most of those who commit these atrocities have found the AR-15 high capacity firearm to be the weapon of choice for their crimes.

On February 14, 2018, a young man named Nikolas Cruz, 19, confessed to walking into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, with an AR-15 firearm and killing 17 people, according to a report on NPR. Instead of initially entering any classrooms, he opted to pull the fire alarm at first, CNN reported. This could have been for many reasons, including inspiring panic, terror or chaos. But one can reasonably assume that he had an alternative reason for pulling the fire alarm, which was to get the most people in the hallway as possible. That would give him the perfect opportunity to kill or maim the most people at once before authorities or brave civilians could stop him.

Either way, it is clear that Cruz walked into that Florida high school with a clear head and had the presence of mind to maximize his goals. Although the details of this incident are still coming in and the motive is not yet clear, there is sufficient evidence to reasonably deduce he only had mass-murder on his mind.

This has happened a reported 18 times since January 1, 2018. In less than 45 days, there have been 18 instances at a school where a firearm has been discharged. Some have been without death, but others have been catastrophic to the children and to their communities, just like with Parkland.

It has become clear at this point that the true victims of these mass-murderers are the nations most vulnerable: children. Could that be because adults are more likely to fight back, or is it because terrorists only want to spread death in America, no matter how old the person is?

As far as I can tell, the only people that enable terrorists like Nikolas Cruz are the National Rifle Association. Lawyers support their clients because it’s their job to provide the best defense in a court of law. But the NRA, they enable their gruesome actions by making sure that American lawmakers never pass a law to limit, restrict, or outlaw weapons like the AR-15, weapons of mass-murder. They do this by putting lawmakers in a stranglehold with campaign contributions that get them elected to office. And, as many already know, most of those NRA funded contributions go to Republican or conservative candidates.

The NRA gifting politicians with guns
Former Vice President Dick Cheney inspects a flintlock rifle given to him by the National Rifle Association while he is surrounded by NRA officers Sandra Froman, CEO Wayne LaPierre, and NRA President Kayne Robinson during the 133rd Annual NRA convention.Featured image credit: Jeff SwensenGetty Images

I’ve heard all kinds of arguments from people in support of the NRA and their mission to keep all firearms legal and easy to obtain. The most common argument in favor of the NRA and their mission with lawmakers, as lobbyists, is that banning assault rifles or other firearms that have high-capacity firing mechanisms is that it will lead to the banning of other guns, such as hunting rifles or personal protection hand guns. That logic is hopelessly flawed. It’s based on emotion and people who subscribe to this argument are constantly exposed to a stream of propaganda from the NRA and the fringe conservative media. But none of the arguments I’ve heard have ever validated a mass-murder, whether it be in Parkland, Newtown (Sandy Hook), San Bernardino, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora — the list goes on and on.

The eventual result of all these mass-murders like Parkland is nothing. People are dead and no laws get passed offering any relief to the American people or American children in American classrooms. People like Nikolas Cruz are still allowed to buy high capacity assault rifles. Why is that, you might ask? It’s because the powerful NRA gun lobby funnels millions in cash to politicians who are expected to vote against any reasonable gun control bill, or better yet, to kill the bill before it comes to the floor for debate.

It might be a good idea to point out that most American gun owners do not belong to the NRA, nor do they subscribe to NRA policies or missions, as reported by the Washington Post in October, 2015. This article does not seek to villainize those who are responsible enough to realize that high capacity firearms have no place in civilized society.

But since the American people who have lost loved ones, or are just too scared to send their kids to an American school due to terrorists like Nikolas Cruz, have worked tirelessly to lobby Congress (with no money to offer Congressmen) for several years to establish reasonable gun control laws with no results, is it possible to appeal to another world power? Although the United Nations are not technically a world power in the sense that they have weapons to force countries to stop killing their citizens, they do have a powerful voice across the globe.

We now know that the American government, no matter which party is in control, cannot do anything about their own people dying due to mass-shootings, but maybe the United Nations could pressure them into it. It is common knowledge that the NRA is the driving force behind keeping dangerous firearms in the hands of anyone, including the mentally ill. So their complicity in these events is just as apparent as the shooters themselves. It might also be worth mentioning that current U.S. President Donald Trump reversed an Obama-era regulation that made it harder for people who are mentally ill to buy guns, according to an NBC News report from February of last year.

It is possible to petition the United Nations to get involved with the American mass-killing epidemic, but the process would be incredibly daunting. Although it is unlikely that the NRA would be designated as a terrorist organization, they can be investigated by the United Nations Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee for financing terrorist activities. Although I can only theorize at this point that the American NRA is politically engaged in financing terrorist activity, the U.N.’s CTC can be petitioned to investigate these claims, which are beliefs held by millions in the United States.

For those who want the American government to take their pleas for gun control seriously, getting the U.N. involved may be the only way. We have seen this cycle of violence every week in American schools, businesses, and at public events. No laws ever change and the government turns a blind eye once the tragedy gets too old. If we cannot get anywhere with the American government, maybe it’s time to ask for some outside help. Maybe it’s time we got the United Nations involved in our national security crisis that our government cannot handle, due to their financial obligations to the NRA.

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It is not easy to get in touch with the United Nations Counter Terrorism Committee. On their “contact us” page, they suggest contacting them through their social media accounts. But there is an email address, although there is a process to get this email from them through a CAPTCHA system. I went through the process and uncovered the email. It is, but that address may change after March 31, 2018, as evidenced in the CAPTCHA password.