Philadelphia Eagles: The Pressure Is On Carson Wentz To Be Better Than Nick Foles Now [Opinion]

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The Philadelphia Eagles are not short on talent. However, their issue may be having too much. With the Eagles winning their first ever Super Bowl, the team will enter the offseason with the fate of their future on their minds. Two weeks ago, the answer to this question was easy. Will it be Carson Wentz or Nick Foles? The answer was Wentz all the way but not so easy anymore.

Wentz will be a star but the NFL is also a “what have you done for me lately” league. In Wentz’s case, he led the Eagles to an 11-2 record before going down, but then Foles took over and history was made. Would Wentz have led the Eagles past the Atlanta Falcons and Minnesota Vikings in the playoffs? Probably so. Would Wentz have led them past Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII? Possibly. However, we just don’t know that.

Wentz was well on his way to NFL MVP before his injury. The Eagles were rolling and the team appeared to be one of the Super Bowl favorites. But then he went down and in came Foles who struggled with his last two teams. Eagles’ fans were torn. Would they get the Foles from 2013 or the player who couldn’t hack it with the Rams or Chiefs? We know the answer to that now, but it’s Howie Roseman who must make the tough call.

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With Foles winning the Super Bowl, he will be forever remembered as the quarterback who did it. Nevermind what Wentz did prior to his injury. At the end of the day, Wentz was on the sidelines while Foles was passing for 971 yards, six touchdowns, and completing 72.6 percent of his passes in three playoff games. Maybe Wentz could have done that, but he didn’t. What Roseman has to think about is, can Wentz ever do that? Think back to that infamous “Philly Philly” call on fourth down in the Super Bowl. Many still believe that Pederson made that call when in fact it was Foles who suggested it. Would Wentz have done the same in that type of pressure situation?

With Foles still under contract, according to Spotrac, the Eagles are faced with the dilemma of either trading him or placing the Super Bowl MVP back on the bench.

If the Eagles keep Foles and place Wentz as their starter and Wentz does not win a Super Bowl in 2019, will that be a failure? Before you answer, think about it. Wentz will more than likely get the same team who won the title, thus putting more pressure on Wentz to perform. There’s no more pressure of leading the Eagles to their first title, now it’s can you do what Foles has done? But what if he can’t? What if Wentz fails to win a ring in 2019? Will Roseman and Doug Pederson be criticized for not making a change at the position?