Why Marvel Must Marry Black Panther And Storm In Next Series Of Films [Opinion]

Chris PizzelloInvision / AP Images

With Black Panther set to hit theaters this week, we’ll take a look at how a romance could change the landscape of the Marvel Universe. For fans in the know, Black Panther and Storm were married in the comics. While the marriage didn’t last long due to their strong-willed personalities, pairing them together in movie world would be huge moving forward.

While most of us have yet to see the Black Panther movie, we already know that Storm will not make an appearance. For one, this is the origin of how he came to be. Secondly, with the Disney and Fox merger not yet finished, Storm cannot make an appearance until the deadline passes. But when it happens, Marvel would be wise to not only let the marriage take place but to make it work longer than it did in the comics.

Take a look at a few of the other romances that have taken place throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Captain America and Peggy never made it farther than a mention of a date. By the time they met up again, Peggy was on her deathbed. Thor and Jane tried but eventually, their romance fizzled out. Black Widow has a thing for Bruce Banner/Incredible Hulk but Hulk can’t be in a relationship. Then we have the love triangle between Spider-Man, Mary Jane, and Gwen Stacy.

There is also the very mysterious relationship between Ironman and Pepper. While they were present in Spider-Man: Homecoming, there’s no telling if Pepper will vanish again for three to four movies like she has in the past. What sets these relationships apart is the fact that most are with one hero and the other with no superpowers to boot. This is where Black Panther and Storm could really usher in the new era of heroes.

With the old Avengers set to dismantle probably permanently, Black Panther could become the new face of the franchise. With Disney bringing Fox over with their X-Men reboot, this could be the perfect chance to make this work. Imagine a series of films with Black Panther and Storm as the head of X-Men and Avengers films. Both teams joining up to fight together or they could finally do the X-Men vs. Avengers movie with husband and wife caught in the middle.

As always, this is not the comics but the movie world where rules can be slightly altered in a way to fit fans’ wildest dreams. A marriage that didn’t last could be made to go the distance just for viewers. This is the one area where Marvel has lacked that knockout punch. Pairing Storm with Black Panther could lead Marvel into the future with great hope.