‘This Is Us’ – Why Miguel Isn’t Trustworthy [Opinion]

John SciulliGetty Images

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what’s wrong with Miguel. Despite the fact that the writers of This is Us are trying to get us to like him, they are not succeeding. Is it because Miguel’s role is poorly written? Is it because Jon Huertas isn’t a good actor? Is it because of poor direction? Whatever the case, if the series were to get rid of Miguel, he wouldn’t be missed. Why can’t Rebecca get rid of him and find a real man?

It’s true that the producers realize Miguel isn’t liked by fans of the show. One of the producers tells the Wrap the reason he is not trusted.

“Miguel is treated very unfairly because he’s put up against Jack who we know very well and is wonderful and everything. If there’s one thing I know about Dan and the writing staff, you’re going to frickin’ love Miguel when it’s all said and done. Because Rebecca wouldn’t just settle — you know there’s a good reason.”

Well, that interview was given in October of 2017. Since then, we see Miguel doing some good things, having some good conversations, and even legitimately being torn apart when he finds out his best friend Jack has died. But he still hasn’t become the least bit likable.

Yes, the fact that Miguel, not Jack, is now Rebecca’s spouse produces a lot of resentment, even though there’s no proof that Miguel had anything to do with Jack’s death. Hatred for Miguel runs so deep that many truly believed he was the one who secretly killed Jack. However, not only was Jack’s real cause of death revealed, but the fact that Miguel waited eight years to contact Rebecca again shows he wasn’t just ready to “swoop in.” There is no concrete evidence Miguel is a bad guy, even though you desperately want to look for any proof whatsoever to show Miguel belongs in an awful prison.

Miguel is the most hated member of the 'This is Us' cast. Featured image credit: John SciulliGetty Images

To be certain, not everybody hates Miguel. He does have some fans on Reddit.

“The scene where Rebecca tells him Jack died broke me. We just see the back of his head and they they finally show his face and he is so devastated, lips quivering, etc. Great acting. His eyes said it all. Miguel suffered the loss of Jack too. I think people forget that,” says Rainygirl83107.

“I don’t get it, either. I’ve always liked him from the beginning. He seems like a pretty good guy. Even when Kevin was treating him the way he did in the beginning, Miguel was very patient…,” claims PrettyPunctuality.

Of course, these people are conveniently forgetting how Miguel not only talked about Rebecca’s “great a**,” but how he is “jealous” of the relationship Jack has with her. Miguel acts creepy, and it doesn’t matter how many people have come to his defense lately. Hopefully, the producers will reveal that Miguel is really the one behind the defective crock-pot and all the Miguel haters in the world will gather and scream, “We told you so!”