‘The Blacklist’: Raymond Reddington Should Just Tell Liz The Truth About Suitcase [Opinion]

Evan AgostiniInvision / AP Images

A parent knows their child and the same can be said of a child knowing their parent. Deep down, Elizabeth Keen knew her father Raymond Reddington was keeping something from her concerning Tom’s death. It was just a matter of when she would confront him about it. The Blacklist reveal wasn’t as great as it was when the truth came out about their blood connection, but it was powerful nonetheless.

Right out of the gate, Liz confronted Raymond about knowing something. Liz was never informed about Reddington’s involvement but she could just feel it in her bones that he’s keeping information from her. When Reddington finally did break down and tell Liz, something strange happened. Instead of Liz going off, she kind of took it all in and accepted the truth. She never blamed or accused him of the murder, she just told him in the end, she’ll need his help to get to the bottom of this.

What was more refreshing than the confrontation and talk, was the fact the Reddington sort of told her the truth. Red informed his daughter that what’s in the suitcase is a secret that he needs to keep secret. While Red has lied to Liz on countless occasions, this is one of those times where he should have told the truth. Now, when it comes to Tom, he had no right to know. Red informed Tom to let the situation be but Tom being Tom, trying his best to pry Liz away, got himself killed for his curiosity.

Raymond Reddington has to know the path that Liz is traveling down. He’s doing everything he can to protect her but since she’s this determined to learn the truth, it might be better if Red just told her himself. After all they’ve been through together, how much harm can the truth possibly do? That’s all Liz wants anyway, right?

By telling Liz the truth, that will free Reddington of any guilt he’s having plus bridge the gap that’s forming between him and his daughter. Liz wants to find Tom’s killer and Red wants the suitcase back. Maybe the suitcase has the bones of her mother, according to TV Guide. Whoever is in that suitcase, Red believes that Liz learning the truth could be damaging. However, by not telling Liz the entire story, all that has done is added more fuel to the fire. How long will it take Red to realize that his daughter is on his side and always has been? All he has to do is tell the truth.